Best Five Tips to Help You Build Your Brand

It takes 7 seconds to form a first impression. The question is, what part of your business is a consumer interacting with? It needs to be speaking with a helpful sales team member or browsing your products. And immediately, that new person has a snap first impression of your business. If you’ve successfully secured the attention of a potential customer, you’re still in a home run. You may never reach public recognition as such globally iconic brands as Coca-Cola or Nike. Yet, branding affects customers’ decisions to choose your service or product. It is an opportunity to reflect and identify your small business to all existing and potential customers.

Tips for building brand to achieve small business growth

Give your business a strong visual identity

Visual identity plays a significant role in first impressions! Graphic design, logos, font choices, colour selection, and consistent document design on all marketing materials unify your brand. You can easily recognize a company with a mere font.

Keep your message clear and simple

If a consumer is not 100% clear on who you are and what you offer, you will lose them. Prioritise the aspects of your business that separate you from your competitors. Your message should make your company instantly recognisable to your customers. Don’t overcomplicate or be ‘overly clever/stylised’ with your wording.

Consistency is essential

There is never an instance where consistency is not essential. You won’t see results from your efforts if you are inconsistent with them. Maintaining consistency in all documentation will sustain your business’ identity within your industry.

Brand the small stuff

Every touch point is an opportunity to reinforce your business and the brand you have built. That includes email signatures and social media posts, newsletters and invoices. Include your business name, logo and tagline wherever possible to reinforce your brand in potential, current, and past customers’ heads. Your branding could be the catalyst that sparks the thought, “We never got around to hiring a decorator. I’ll give this business a call today!”

Track your branding results

Regularly measuring the success of your efforts is the only way to know whether your small business branding is working. If your actions aren’t driving the results, revitalise elements or update your branding.

Ways to track your branding include:

  • Asking for feedback from customers
  • Putting questionnaires in the corner of your website for new visitors
  • Social listening

There is no surefire solution to branding a small business in every industry brands businesses differently. With branding, people will know about your business. It’s easy to overthink your branding or become overwhelmed by its importance. You can focus on providing value to your customers that they can depend on.

Need a hand with your brand?

A business mentor is one of the most efficient ways to help you construct a future-proof brand. Business Benchmark Group is the expert in mentoring trades and construction businesses in Australia and New Zealand. We help you focus on your goals and maintain brand consistency to drive growth, customer loyalty, and sales. Learn more about Business Benchmark Group and our mentoring and coaching programs.


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