Stop Reading Emails, and Start Working

As the CEO of Business Benchmark Group, one of the critical questions I ask all clients is: How productive is your working day?

Whether you run a small business, own an empire, or work from home, everyone is looking for ways to be more productive at work. When we experience a highly effective workday, it feels euphoric, yet many believe ticking off checklists indicates productivity. Indeed productive people are not focused primarily on doing more things; this is the opposite of productivity. The secret to being productive is doing fewer things.

To help you be more productive by doing less, try introducing the tactics below that highly effective people include within their day to increase their productivity daily. Advice and tips on how to boost productivity

Make smaller to-do lists

Accomplishment shouldn’t be about getting as much completed as humanly possible in the eight hours of your working day. There is nothing productive about piling together a slew of tasks in the form of a checklist. Instead, take a less is more approach and only focus on completing what matters first.

Leave the office

The ache that fills your brain when you’ve been powering through tasks for several hours results from your brain using up all its glucose. Too many of us mistake this feeling for something good. Yet to find renewed perspective and recharge your energy, you need to get fresh air, eat and leave your computer screen.

Tackle the morning

Knock out your most challenging work when your brain is fresh and save the work that you do regularly, which probably requires less brainpower for when the afternoon slump rolls in.

Communicate with your mouth

Communicating with our fingertips via email is a productivity killer. More often than not a distraction from the tasks that matter, especially when people copy multiple people into emails to reduce their workload. Don’t fall victim to this action! Please pick up the phone with the member of your team to whom it has been sent.

Systemize for your productivity not someone else’s

If you know, certain things are ruining your productivity, create a management system. Plan your morning, afternoon and evening slot for managing email. Set time for making alterations to projects. Otherwise, you’ll get distracted from accomplishing important goals. Only you can know what a priority in your role is.

Don’t confuse productivity with laziness

Laziness is the main contributor to lost productivity, and several ‘time-saving’ methods, such as taking meetings and sending emails, are just ways to get out of actual work. Place your focus on doing the things that matter most as efficiently and effectively as possible.


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