Top Five Personal Values

We all know the phrase – “It’s not personal. It’s business.” But the two aren’t mutually exclusive. They’re intrinsically linked, especially for business owners! Business decisions affect your personal life and vice versa.

I often discuss how important it is to identify your core business values clearly and how aligning your business with those values brings success. But today, I want to discuss those other values which are even more important – your values.

Just like your business, your values need validation and certification. If you haven’t clearly articulated your values, how will you know if they are being achieved? How will you get the most out of life if you don’t know what’s important to you?

You must understand your personal hierarchy of values, as these are key to your purpose and life journey. The hierarchy of values is something I discuss with all my clients. I usually don’t share my personal value hierarchy publicly, but I think it would be beneficial to share it with you.

Because I have complete clarity around my values and how they fit into my life, it allows me to assess whether I live according to what truly matters. This hierarchy drives everything I do every day. So, here it is:


I’m not looking after myself. I can’t be whom I need for my family. I have people who depend on me to care for myself physically and emotionally.

If I can’t get out of bed in the morning and take three or four sick days every month, I will not achieve my business or personal goals. Health is number 1 on my list, even ahead of family. I need to be healthy to be there and provide for my family. So, I make taking care of myself a priority. Even when I feel like I’m being pulled in 12 directions, I make the time because it’s at the top of the hierarchy of values.


I have two boys and a wife to whom I am incredibly devoted. Being a father and husband are the most important jobs I do. I see it as my responsibility to provide security for my family, which motivates me in my business.

One of the most common reasons business owners want to create something for themselves is to provide a comfortable and happy life for their families. To give their children what they didn’t have growing up and set themselves up for retirement.

So, when I’m hustling away in my business, it’s also essential to find a work-life balance, which means I’m providing for my family and our future while being present for essential moments I can’t get back.


My business and the standard I set, lead by, and ultimately deliver is a continuous improvement journey. The more customer-centric I remain, the more I deserve my growing reputation and success.

My business and the prosperity I gain from it means I can spend valuable time with my family and experience everything life offers. I like to think of money as a river that flows. We all have the opportunity to walk up to the river and grab as much as possible. Also, we can create a way to go to the river with buckets. Many say money is the root of all evil, but in fairness, the love of money influences evil. Part of this is also building a legacy of authenticity, trust, and integrity. Obstacles are part of the time, but it’s no good to get to the top and have blood on your shoes.


It doesn’t happen without the first three. That’s why it’s a hierarchy – the order matters. It might sound good to put philanthropy first, but if that’s my priority ahead of my business or money, I won’t have anything to be philanthropic with!

It might sound good to put philanthropy first, but if that’s my priority ahead of my business or money, I won’t have anything to be philanthropic with!

As money grows, philanthropy grows. It doesn’t have to be millions of dollars. I don’t want my name on an orphanage, and I just want to help. So this sits at the heart of every action or decision.


It is about going out of your way to thank those who deserve it. It’s about going out of your way to surprise.

I make it a point to say five genuine thank-yous every day. It is essential to be grateful for what you have, as there is always someone in the world who has less than you.

Practicing gratitude also lets me keep perspective on my personal life and business. It is essential when facing unknown challenges and breaking through your glass ceiling.

Do this today if you haven’t already written down your hierarchy of values!

Don’t delay. You’re reading this blog, so this is fresh in your head. Open your laptop or grab a notebook and start writing what’s important to you. As I mentioned, I teach this hierarchy to all my clients, and there’s a reason why it helps.

You can use mine as a guide or come up with entirely different ideas, but whatever you come up with, your values and the order must be correct for you.

I can teach you to make more money than ever, but without this Values Hierarchy, you have no rock to build on. Once you can identify your hierarchy of values, you will better understand what drives and motivates you. Your life will gain a greater sense of purpose and will prompt you to achieve what you want out of life.


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