5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Increase Referrals


5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Increase Referrals

People talk. Getting new business via referrals is easily the most profitable form of new business, as consumers referred by a friend are four times more likely to buy. Despite this, very few trades and construction firms are leveraging their current client base to drive referrals. Have you ever purchased something because your friend told you that you should? I know I have! So, make sure you do everything possible to encourage your clients to recommend you to others is vital to the growth of your business. We’re here to ensure you always have a steady flow of leads coming in through referrals. So, let’s consider what you can start doing to increase business referrals. Follow these five things you can do right now to increase your referrals.

1. Ask for one

It seems obvious. Yet only a few do it, and it’s one of the biggest mistakes you can make, and it will hinder your business’ growth. It might feel too bold to ask for a referral, but what’s the worst someone can say? You will know the answer once you ask the question. Some businesses live solely off word-of-mouth marketing – no fancy systems or paid advertising – just word of mouth. It may be because they ask for referrals, it may be because they set things in place to influence referrals, or it may simply mean their services are just that great. They don’t need traditional marketing methods. By asking for referrals, you are doing yourself justice to the effort you put in daily in whatever industry you may be in. Talk to your clients, see what they love about you, see what they say to their friends about you, and ask them who else they could refer to you.

2. Ask Customers for feedback

Do you remember the last time you had amazing service that exceeded your expectations? Did you tell someone about it, or has someone ever asked for your opinion about a service from a company they’re thinking of doing business with? The key to your referral system is providing a service worth talking about – in a good way! And asking for feedback ensures you deliver that service. By discussing your services with your current customers, you understand what they love about your business and the areas in which they want you to improve. Asking for their opinions also shows you care. It shows them you want to give the best possible service, and it allows you to tailor your services to suit their needs. Give them a service that leaves them feeling over the moon, and you will earn a referral. Your customers will do your marketing for you.

3. Ignore your head trash

We’ve all set out to do something and then questioned whether we can do it, whether we’re worth it, and whether we’ll get rejected. That’s what I call head trash. It is the negative thoughts, feelings, or emotions you have and the assumptions you make. It is not a fact but an opinion, belief, and a natural thing to have. However, how you react to it and how you deal with it directly impacts your business.

Reread those words. How you react and deal with head trash directly impacts your business. You must train your brain and prepare yourself how to overcome it. Then you’ll move mountains. To do that, ask yourself this simple question when your head trash comes into play: “So what?”.

So what if you get rejected for a referral? – you’ll learn something in the process, you’ll improve, and you’ll try again. Ask, and ye shall receive. There are only two possible outcomes – you will get a referral and a great new client, or you won’t and will be in the same position you were before you asked. Take a risk and ask for a referral. It might be challenging at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it becomes, and the better you will become at asking. Say no to your head trash.

 4. Encourage social media sharing

Social media is a potent tool in your referral marketing arsenal. Customers who share your social posts or their own featuring your handy work increase awareness of your business and provide social proof for many others to see.

Even monitoring your feed, replying to your comments, and engaging with your clientele can increase the likelihood that customers will share your posts.

Think of ways to encourage clients to share your work with them, such as using unique business hashtags, running giveaways, etc.

5. Position your referrals

Referrals bring more of the same or similar clients. Before you map out and execute your referral strategy, you must define your ideal target market, specifically, your perfect client.

It is a shortfall for many businesses. They focus too much on the product they provide that they forget who the product is for. It would be best if you had clarification so that you’re making your marketing count when you market your services.

Just as much as you want to provide a quality service, you must provide a quality service to quality clients – those who pay on time, are great to work with, appreciate what you do and keep coming back.

Don’t delay your referral strategy

As you can see, referrals are a powerful tool in business because they’re an easy win. They’re one of the most sure-fire ways to turn a lead into a customer with minimal additional effort, so you’d be silly not to capitalise on this incredible opportunity right in front of you.