The Secret to Hiring the Right People for Your Team

Are you constantly supervising your team and fixing their mistakes? Do you feel like you’re more or less constantly in the hiring process because you’re letting people go regularly? Then, this post will show you tips on hiring the right people for your team.

If you are hiring the right people, you don’t need to fire anybody or demote anybody again. Wouldn’t that be great?

Well, one word I keep in mind when hiring a new employee helps me decide whether they’d be here to stay or out the door faster than it takes to unclog a drainpipe.

How to select on hiring the right people

Professional credentials are the baseline for a new hire. Just because they can do the job doesn’t mean they’ll do it well or be the right fit for your team.

That’s why I always ask myself – are they promotable?

It might seem difficult to gauge when you meet someone for the first time, but it’s not about whether you can see them becoming a team leader or division manager in 5 years.

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It would help if you are hiring the right people who were happy with their roles. Solid soldiers who turn up each day and aim to be better than they were yesterday are invaluable to your team and productivity. It would be best if you had some people in your group like this (although there’s nothing wrong with well-managed ambition). There are many positions available in any organisation, each of which is valuable.

In this context, being ‘promotable’ means being willing to work hard to improve, taking ownership, and being accountable. It’s about each person understanding and committing to their role in the business. It leads to high effectiveness and productivity from top to bottom.

It means you’ll have to make tough decisions about your current team. You can only keep employees who are bringing their A-game. It’s sad, but that’s business.

How to find and hire the right people for your small business team

You might wonder how other businesses always find the best talent for their team. You need to understand that they’re not seeing these people on a whim. They’re always looking for A-grade people!

You need to take a head-hunting approach all day, every day, rather than the more common approach – “bugger, I need somebody right now – I’ll put the job on the internet and hire the first person who seems fit to do the job.”

This shift takes you from reactive to proactive. Being reactive often puts a temporary fix over a growing issue. Being proactive stops it from becoming an issue in the first place. It takes time and effort, but you’re future-proofing your business.

Good people are always out there, and they are alert to opportunity. If you’re constantly looking, they will show up.


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