Constructing Resolutions for Success in 2024: Building Your Path to Achievement

As we start 2024, many of us in the trades and construction industry have probably considered making New Year’s resolutions to improve our work and businesses. Many people do it, with about 60% of us thinking about these resolutions. But here’s the catch: only about 8% of us stick to them. That means most of us talk about it but don’t do much about it – a whopping 92%! 

The typical resolutions we hear about include things like doing our jobs better, making our work safer, learning new skills, managing our money wisely, or getting new tools. These are the usual goals for folks in our line of work. 

Here’s the tricky part: While 75% of people keep their resolutions for the first week of January, only 46% are still going strong after six months. So, how can we ensure our good intentions last throughout the year and help us succeed in our jobs? 

Let’s explore a simple technique inspired by a famous expert, Brian Tracy, but tailored for people like us in the trades and construction field. 

A Blueprint for Success: Planning Goals Carefully

In our line of work, planning is super important. Have you ever heard the saying, “You become what you think about most of the time”? Well, setting a goal is like planning a project. To reach a goal, you need to believe deep down that you’ll make it happen. We call this “Positive Knowing.” 

That’s what the 8% who succeed with their resolutions do. The other 92% usually just think positively but don’t have that strong belief. They might wish things to go well, but they don’t have the determined attitude needed. 

So, to succeed, you need to change positive thinking into positive knowing. You’ve got to be super sure you’ll succeed, just like you’re sure a well-built structure won’t fall down. 

Building a Strong Mind: Teaching Yourself to Succeed 

Just like we carefully build things, you can train your mind to believe in your success. Everything you do to make your mind really believe in your success will help you reach your goals faster. It’s like laying a strong foundation for a building. 

You aim to make your goals a big part of your thinking so they become like second nature. This technique is one of many ways to help you reach your goals in the trades and construction field. 

Wrote and Hold Yourself Accountable: A Key to Success 

In our industry, two of the great ways to reach your goals are to write them down and be accountable. That means putting pen to paper, writing your goals, and then telling others about your goals – your team, friends, or mentors. It’s like having someone check in on your progress. Most people don’t like admitting they didn’t make it, so this accountability helps you stay on track. 

As we pick up our tools and head into the new year, our team and I wish you a successful 2024. We hope your projects go smoothly and your goals become a reality. 

Power to you! 

Stefan Kazakis


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