How to Build Your All-Star Team: Always Be on the Lookout for A-Grade Employees

The right team will be a massive boost to your business. There’s no doubt about it. You need the right people in the right seats to get the job done. While the lone ranger mentality was necessary for the early days of your business, growth is limited when it’s dependent on one person.

You can’t be great at (or manage) everything. You need to plug the gaps in your skill set with people who do things better than you.

Remember, as the business owner, and you are not another tradie on the tools. It’s your job to know a little about everything and your team’s job to excel at their specific job role.

If you look at your business like a football team, having a great goalkeeper in play means you no longer need to worry about that position.

When you don’t need to worry about the day-to-day operations because your team is on top of everything, you can focus on developing exciting new opportunities for growth.

This team formation is the ultimate result for your business so that you can move on to bigger and better things. So, how do you find these people?

Recruiting 24/7/365

You might wonder, “how do other businesses do it? They always seem to find the best talent for their team!” But you need to understand that they’re not finding these people on a whim. They’re always looking for A-grade people!

You need to take a head hunting approach all day, every day, rather than the more common approach – “bugger, I need somebody right now – I’ll put the job on the internet and hire the first person who seems fit to do the job.”

As with everything in business – this switch takes you from reactive to proactive. Being reactive often puts a band-aid over the issue, and being aggressive stops it from being an issue in the first place. You are future-proofing your business.

Scouting 24/7/365 means every day you are preparing for the future. Every day you are on the trail of the right people for your business. Every day you meet people who could join your team.

Good people are always out there, and they are alert to opportunities. If you’re constantly looking, they will show up. As in music, sport, politics and other walks of life, the elite teams become the benchmark. Those organisations that get the best tend to get many people applying for each position, and the quality of applicants is higher.

It becomes a cycle: the more A-graders you have on your team, the more A-graders you will attract. To be an employer of choice is critical and fundamental to your long-term growth.


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