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Our Business Coaching Programs in Melbourne

Join 'Board of Directors 12' and be a part of a small business strategic group, coached and mentored by Stefan Kazakis.

Join an exclusive group of other successful business owners to evaluate, analyse and improve each other's businesses.

Have your own dedicated business growth expert coach who is ready to share the formula for success.

3 Minute Business Health Check

In just 3 minutes you will see how key areas of your business compare with other businesses in Melbourne. Based on more than 20 years of data from our business coaching.

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    • Stop sustaining your business. It's time for sustainable success.

      Business ownership – it’s not easy but it doesn’t need to be hard.

      And sometimes, it seems like your competition is flying past you while you struggle with:

      • Cashflow
      • Confidence
      • Time
      • Quality employees
      • Focus

      These are the signs it’s time for a change. But what kind of change? Do you know how to identify – and solve – the issues that are holding your business back?

      We do.

      Because we’ve been in your shoes. We’ve hit the same obstacles you’re facing. And we’ve overcome them to build successful, multi-million dollar businesses.

      Business Benchmark Group's business coaching in Melbourne will help you do the same.

    • We’ll work with you to move your business forward.

      We’ll work with you to move your business forward.

      We’ll empower you with knowledge. Confidence. And inspiration to grow your business to its full potential.

      We care about you. It’s all part of our commitment to setting you up for long-term success.

      Most businesses owners run out of cash before they run out of inspiration. That’s why our programs help you achieve structured, sustainable growth. We’ll work with you to devise a business plan that gets you to your end goals – without compromising your long-term security.

      Your success won’t happen overnight. But with our expert guidance, it will happen.

      Our experience says so; with more than 20 years business coaching in Melbourne, you’ll benefit from:

      • The clarity and confidence to grow your business
      • Plenty of genuine clients in your desired target market
      • Sustainable profit growth
      • A cohesive, high performing, reliable team
      • More time to spend with loved ones without worrying about your business
    • There's a formula for success. And we'll give it to you.

      Led by Stefan Kazakis, Business Benchmark Group has a decades-long reputation for turning stalling businesses into thriving enterprises.

      Like Stefan’s family business. When he took over, it was near bankruptcy. Within a couple of years, it was a multi-million dollar success story. One worth publishing.

      So that’s exactly what Stefan did. He called it From Deadwood to Diamonds. And it’s the proven formula we apply to every business coaching program.

      So when we say we wrote the book on business success, we mean it. Literally.

    • Benefits beyond business

      Why are you running a business in Melbourne? It’s the same reason everybody does – the desire for a better quality of life.

      It's time to rediscover that passion through business coaching in Melbourne. Improve your business knowledge. Sharpen your skills. And to achieve professional and personal success.

      Our experienced business mentors will help you see they are one-and-the-same.

      Because when your passion helps you build a business that runs itself, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy life.

Business Benchmark Group will help you:

  • Think strategically
  • Keep focused and be accountable
  • Deal with challenges immediately
  • Set practical goals
  • Develop a solid business plan
  • Be more creative in your business
  • Make better-informed decisions
  • Embrace opportunity and growth

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“You need to bounce your ideas and thoughts off someone without taking them home to your family and Stefan allows me to do that. When we started our business together ... it was run from home basically doing deals over the kitchen sink ... we quickly identified we needed to become more professional to be able to run the business more successfully.

We put in a lot of training into our team and we continue to do this through Stefan and the Business Benchmark Group.”

Brendan Dover - The Drain Man

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