The Role of Regular Meetings in Business Performance and Alignment

The Power of Structured Meetings

Regular meetings play a crucial role in enhancing business performance and alignment. They provide:

  • A structured framework for communication.
  • Ensuring that everyone is informed and aligned.
  • Working towards common goals.

Two types of meetings are particularly effective: weekly team meetings and productivity huddles.

Weekly Team Meetings

Weekly team meetings are essential for long-term planning and alignment. They focus on preparation, execution, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page. As a leader, it’s your responsibility to facilitate these meetings, creating an environment where open communication is encouraged and alignment is achieved.

Productivity Huddles

Productivity huddles, however, are short, focused meetings held throughout the day. Typically lasting around 10 minutes, these huddles address immediate issues and ensure the team remains aligned and productive. The framework for these huddles revolves around three key questions: What didn’t happen that should have happened? What should have happened that didn’t happen? What are you doing about it? This approach helps identify and resolve issues quickly, keeping the team on track.

Enhancing Performance and Alignment

Combining weekly meetings and productivity huddles creates a comprehensive communication system that enhances performance and alignment. Regular check-ins ensure that everyone knows what’s expected, what’s working, and what needs improvement. This structured approach to communication fosters a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.


Incorporating regular meetings into your communication strategy is a simple yet effective way to enhance performance and alignment within your business. Prioritising these meetings can create a more cohesive, productive, and successful organisation.


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