Our Client'S Success Stories

Joe wanted to take his already successful framework, shoring and propping company to the next level, allowing him to make investments for his family’s future.

Biggest Wins for Cassaform

Working with top tier clients

66% reduction in debtor days

Despite Covid-19, operating profit increased

How it all started

Seasoned businessman Joe had built up his own company, Cassaform, specialising in the sale and hire of framework, shoring and propping supplies.

He joined Business Benchmark Group in December 2018. This meant that he had a full year of guidance and coaching from us to build his skills and equip him with useful tools before the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Challenges they faced before meeting us


Clients not paying on time resulted in issues with cashflow

Joe was not aware of how long it was taking many clients to actually process their payments. They had no idea when cash would come in – this made predicting peaks and dips in his cash flow tricky if not impossible, making it risky to buy the expensive assets he needed to operate. 

Additionally – time was being consumed with account and credit extension decisions being left to Joe, chewing up his time which he would prefer to use to focus on growing the business.


"I couldn’t make decisions. For me to grow the business, I needed cash available for buying assets. I didn't have any predictability of when I could pay the supplier, so how was I going to go and negotiate terms with them.” - Joe Caprara


Lack of clear business goals and KPI’s to drive the business forward

Joe admitted that when he first started with our expert business coach, his understanding of critical drivers, marketing strategies, business models and tools he would need to grow the market, was limited.

"I kind of had a vision of what a KPI would look like, now there isn’t a position in this organisation that doesn’t have some form of KPI attached to it.” - Joe Caprara

Big strides forward

Joe shared feedback about how their business operates today two and a half years since joining our expert business coaching program, and following the Covid-19 pandemic

Business achieving sustainable, predictable growth

Joe has been able to confidently "let go" (delegate) some of the responsibilities to his team

Despite COVID lockdowns, he was still able to grow his team during this time

Customers pay on time as promised, freeing up cash in the business


Scaling up the business

With our business coaching program, Joe has successfully transitioned from business owner to investor. He has started taking a weekly deep dive into the cash flow and finances enabling him to begin executing his scalability plan.

Increasing his Sales team headcount has grown Cassaform’s client base and given the team confidence in Joe’s plan to expand the business.

““Throughout Covid-19 people have been cutting back, I’ve actually employed 3 extra people, with total predictability.”
- Joe Caprara

The Results

Focussed efforts on profitable clients

Getting a handle on the business’s terms and conditions and empowering the team to make decisions, has given them the confidence to focus their efforts on bigger, more profitable clients, that pay on time, and walk away from partnerships that drained the business of cash and led to unpredictability. 

"The tools and exercises we do, get your brain thinking ‘what if we were to double our business?’, ‘what if the revenue split dropped by 50%?’ Now I’ll know exactly what I’d do first, second and third.” - Joe Caprara

The Results

Empowering the team

Joe spends time mentoring and guiding his team, empowering them to be leaders within their functions who manage their own day to day goals and KPI’s. 

Designing a new organisational chart, Joe gave his team clarity on their roles and was able to plan ahead for recruitment, avoiding last minute hiring stresses.

“If I went to the bank now and said I want another million bucks, they’d look at all our statistics and our graphs and they’d say ‘you can have it’. - Joe Caprara

The Results

Preparing for the future

The exercises and work that Joe went through with his business coach have given him the confidence in his numbers and plans to know the right approach to take when tough decisions need to be made.

By getting closer to his business’s finances, scoreboards and keeping track of his cash flow, he’s confident about making major purchases and securing future financing from the bank to support his growth plans.


Joe talks about how our twice yearly planning sessions have helped his business over a number of years

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