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Stefan Kazakis on 30 January 2016

Are you too far ahead or too far behind

What is the identity of your business?

If you are too far ahead of your identity you’ll get found out. It’s okay to dare to dream, but just for a minute. Then it’s time to get back to work. If you get carried away you are going to let people down, and there’s nothing worse for the reputation of your business. Your identity needs to be just ahead of you; that’s how you grow. You’ll see the choke points and the speed bumps ahead and be able to navigate them, but you won’t bite off more than you can chew.

If you are too far behind your identity you are holding yourself back and procrastinating. Maybe you have a voice telling you this is not for you. This can be your subconscious. I say to my clients all the time, ‘Get out of your own way. There’s a freight train ready to be let loose. It’s you standing in the way.’

Have a think about what your identity should be for your business. Think about your target market, your products and services, your staff, your systems – everything. What should be the identity of your business?

Now, have a think about what the identity of your business actually is. Look around you and think about where you are now.

Now compare the two. Is there a gap between where you think you should be and where you are right now? Most business owners would say yes, there is a gap. And I can see you getting a bit worried by this gap, because doesn’t it mean you are not performing as well as you should?

No! That’s not what it means at all. There should be a gap between where you are and where you think you should be because that’s how you keep growing and moving forward.

If you ever get to the point where you think your business has achieved everything it can and it is in the perfect position, you’re in trouble, because no business ever actually reaches this point. Not mine. Not the multi-billion-dollar behemoths that are listed on the stock exchange. Not the local coffee shop that is always overflowing with customers. There is always room for your business to grow and improve and change and adapt. You need to keep nourishing your tree. Remember, if you’re not growing you’re dying; there is no in between.

Your identity needs to keep growing, like a tree, and if you are going to push your identity forward you need to look hard at your business and be honest with yourself and see where you need to make changes. Once you almost catch up to your identity it’s time to move it ahead again to the next phase of your planned strategic growth. Don’t hope this is going to happen. Make it happen. Are you playing to your maximum potential and performing at your personal best every day? Are you being reactive or proactive? It’s time for some brutal truth questions.

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