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Stefan Kazakis on 26 June 2018

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In this special episode, Melbourne Storm's Football Director, Frank Ponissi, shares his views on leadership and crisis management.

Ponissi is certainly no stranger to crisis management. In 2010, Melbourne Storm was found to have breached the NRL's salary cap over a period of 5 years, resulting in punishments including the stripping of Melbourne's 2007 and 2009 premierships, fines of almost $1.7 million and the team being stripped of all premiership points in 2010.

Ponissi shares how this affected all levels of the club, how he and his leadership team dealt with it, and how others at the club stepped up to help lead the club out of crisis. 

Although the focus here is on a sporting team, there are lessons here to be learned by anyone hoping to become strong leaders, develop a strong team culture and achieve success at the highest levels. 

Ponissi shares how the Melbourne Storm were able to come out the other side a stronger, better club (including winning Premierships in 2012 and 2017). He discusses how the strong team culture, with a focus on accountability, has set them up for continued and sustained success.

(This was originally recorded in 2015). 

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