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Stefan Kazakis on 28 July 2018

It has to be non-negotiable that you will get up at 7 am, or 6 am, or even 5 am, every day so that you can do what you need to do to make your tree grow. 

You have to simply take it for granted that this will happen, that you will do whatever it takes. You must expect and demand it of yourself. If it were easy everybody would be doing it. 

Right now all of your friends and family would be running million-dollar businesses, driving fancy cars and going on holidays every other month. But it’s not easy. We know this. So you need to be brutally honest with yourself and have a true inner belief that you will do whatever it takes to succeed. 

Sometimes you will feel like you are the only person who can push through, and if you do others will follow you. But if you have a belief that you can’t, others will follow this as well. 

When you tap into your purpose you become bullet-proof. The strongest muscle in the body is the brain, so program your purpose into your brain. 

It influences everything. Belief and purpose will help you through. 

Ultimately your beliefs are a by-product of your values

What is your hierarchy of values? What is non-negotiable for you that you are transferring to your business? What is acceptable and what is not acceptable for how you treat staff and your customers? What about trust and honesty? What about effort? 

Values are a by-product of your identity and who you really are. Are you playing a bigger game than what is really going on? Are you pretending? Are you hiding from the brutal truth? Do you appear externally excited but you’re dying inside? 

Are you not recognising that you’ve come a long way and you are more advanced than you think? How do you truly understand your relationships with your suppliers and customers? How do you see yourself as a business? 

To go one step further, your identity was forged by the environment you were brought up in as a young child and a younger adult. The ability and confidence to believe in yourself and that you can achieve was something that came to you at a very young age. It’s about tapping into your inner strength and knowing that you can get the results you want and deserve. You have a responsibility to tap into that every day. 

Your whole identity needs to be built around belief, resilience, persistence, momentum, tenacity, clarity and follow-through.

Environment also refers to where your business operates today. If you’re not clear about the environment you are setting up in, chances are this will be the problem that holds you back. 

Should your business be operating in the eastern suburbs, or in just one suburb, or throughout the state or the country? If you get this wrong nothing else will work. The identity of your business and everything that follows will be wrong. 

Be clear on your environment and your skill-set. This is how you build a business that is going to last a lot longer than you.

Most of our conscious behaviour is determined by our unconscious mind. This can be represented like an iceberg. 

 IdentityIceberg V3

Why is this so important? People can’t actually see your beliefs or values or identity, so why do they matter? 

Have a look at the diagram above. What they can see and experience is your behaviour. 

Your beliefs, values and identity are all under the surface. They may go unnoticed. But what most definitely does not go unnoticed are your behaviour and actions, and what people see above the surface is determined by what is going on under the surface. This is known as the Identity Iceberg. 

Your plan starts with your beliefs but what people see is your behaviour. Your results are a by-product of the decisions you make and the actions that you follow through with.

Let’s have a look at an examples.

Consider a plumber who thinks it’s okay to be 20 minutes late to appointments, to leave places in a mess when he’s done, to expect people to pay cash so he can avoid tax and to drive around in a grubby car because, well, that’s what plumbers do.

You can learn a lot about this guy’s identity, values and beliefs from these behaviours, and none of it is good.

Alternatively, think about a plumber who is always on time to appointments, presents himself well in his clothing and vehicle, makes it easy for his customers to pay and always leaves the job clean and tidy - and is available to customers whenever they call. 

Who do you think portrays more positive behaviours? Who do you think will ultimately be more successful in business?

Power to you!


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