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Why We MUST Bring It All Together

Stefan Kazakis on 20 May 2017

This is the final week for our theme of future-proofing your business and we are finishing with two very important parts – Aggregating and Celebrating - these are the parts that bring it all together.

Aggregating is about bringing it all together. You must have everybody doing their bit towards the common goal of where you are going. You must make a difference. Your resilience must be high. The level of grit and determination in your team must be high.

You must have integrity, intelligence and maturity. The more emotional intelligence you have around this, the better off you will be. Then you won’t feel like you are rolling the dice every day. You must see blind spots before they arrive. You must bring an A-grade team in that will see things from an objective point of view. You must surround yourself with better people, and continually be adding more talent, both external and internal.

Celebrating needs no explanation, we all understand what that means.  We all need to remember to be okay with celebrating. You must occasionally say, tools down – let’s have some fun. Don’t do this just for the sake of it. Be authentic. Be real.

It’s very important to mark occasions and turning points in your business. If you reach your goal of signing a $200,000 client, mark the occasion! Buy yourself a new chair, or put a new picture on the wall, or take the team for a nice lunch.

Such statements of success are a celebration of both what you’ve done and a motivator to do more. Every morning when you sit in that new chair you will be reminded of how it feels to achieve one of your goals, and this will help spur you on to the next one. If you mentally feel good and feel motivated to keep going because of the physical change this will help to keep you on track.

 Remember, future-proofing is about asking what I have learnt in the past, where are you going in the future and what are we doing today to future-proof the business?

 Power to you!


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