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Stefan Kazakis on 1 July 2015

Get More Done in Less Time

Are there enough hours in the day for you? Do you genuinely believe that you are short of time?

What about if I tell you that 80% of the things you get done are accomplished in 20% of the time you spend working?

So are you now asking yourself “what am I doing with the other 80% of my time?"

Let me tell you right now: you are not alone. But I have awesome news for you. 

Time management isn't rocket science.  Time management is all about taking control of time instead of letting it take control of you.

Below are my top 5 tips to improving your productivity by managing your time. If you are looking to learn time management strategies or need someone to keep you accountable, I would recommend business coaching. Business Benchmark Group has helped Melbourne businesses acheive growth and increased productivity for years. 

How could a business coach can help you? Find out more about business coaching events in Melbourne.

Tips to finding more time in your day

Focus on your priorities

Don’t let the little things rob you of time – let the little things slide. Every time you do something unimportant, you are ignoring something that’s really important.

Be proactive - not reactive - with your time

Every one of you has just the right amount of time to accomplish exactly what you want – if you set your goals and manage your time.  We have more respect for other people’s time.  How many times do you say YES rather than NO? Every time you say YES think to yourself .... will I still have enough time left to achieve my goals?

Plan your day

Make the most of your day – plan it out, set yourself time limits to achieve certain tasks – if you have no objectives you will accomplish very little, as Benjamin Franklin once said "if you have no plan, you are planning to fail."

Schedule your tasks

Are you the King or Queen of the To Do list?  I would in fact prefer that you become an advocate of the To Achieve list instead. Hands up all of you that write a To Do list and include a few things on that you’ve already completed, just so that you can have the satisfaction of crossing them off?  Go on ... be honest!

My tip is to write your 'To Achieve' list and then highlight your top 3 ‘must achieve’ tasks for the day.  Now allocate some time in your day, preferably in the morning when the energy is high; very much like you do when you have a dental appointment or need to meet with your bank manager.  Use this time to not only write your list, but also to achieve your top 3 tasks.

Don’t procrastinate

rushing business manProcrastination is the biggest killer of our time and we all do it.  The trick is to catch yourself doing it and change the habit.  Procrastination happens when we don’t want to do a task or we don’t know how to take the first step.  Ask yourself “why am I not achieving this task?”  If you feel overwhelmed break down the task and set yourself a time limit ... “I will spend 30 minutes tackling my cashflow reports today” .... and then go for it.  You’ll be amazed at how much progress you make.

Now you have probably just read all of this and thought - Yes I know all of that!

I ask that you test out my advice. Set yourself a goal this week to give one or two of these tips a try and lets see what's achievable in a four day week!

Or just remind yourself of how productive you were on the day prior to your last holiday!

Get more done with a business coach

A business coach is one the most efficient ways to help you kickstart your time managemet. Business Benchmark Group is the expert in Small Business coaching services in Victoria. We help you keep focused on your goals and implement time management tactics.

Do you need a small business coach? Contact Business Benchmark Group to discuss ways to increase your daily productivity with a Melbourne business coach.

Find out more about Business Benchmark Group, and our mentoring and coaching groups for Melbourne and Victorian Small or Medium Business.

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