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Stefan Kazakis on 10 June 2017

We started June’s theme last week explaining that the concept of PURPOSE is integral to everything we do. We understand that without a clear and unambiguous purpose across all aspects of our lives and business, our dreams of being a profitable business owner will go unfulfilled. 

So this week we are going to explore what for some is a harder question to answer …. But given that most states and territories are celebrating the Queen’s birthday this weekend …. I urge you to set time aside to answer the question:

What is your life purpose?

Me and my life – these are things that are linked. If I have a very clear understanding of my emotional drivers and my personal purpose and my goals, if I’m driven by that and I’m excited by that, my contribution is going to be very high. If I have a very close understanding of what my life purpose is, productivity will be high.

What are my personal values and beliefs?

What’s 360 degrees of me that I’m most proud of in my life? This is about reflection and your past. There are great things that you’ve achieved. Are you heading towards something that’s amazing? What has been your beaten track until now? Even if you feel it hasn’t been exactly as it should have been, there are likely to have been more flowers than weeds. If you just look back and see doom and gloom, then you’re not going to be motivated. On the balance of probabilities there’s always some good. And failure is okay – at least you tried and you can learn from it. It’s about keeping on building.

If I’m clear about this and I’m driven by this and I’m consistently getting high energy for building the layers of that then what I’m doing in my business and professional life are going to be on par, otherwise I shouldn’t be doing them.

So, what is important to me and my loved ones that I hold sacred? What are the principal reasons that I exist? When I understand that, my ability to create value and add quality is always going to be at a high level.

Last week we said that defining your personal purpose will lead to great results.  The same rules apply when defining your life purpose … it’s about just getting on and creating value – let’s make it happen.

 I’ll reiterate last week’s message - let’s not wait 18 months for something to happen. There is no perfect time, so the perfect time is now.


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