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Stefan Kazakis on 1 September 2018

This week I want to share a story about how being accountable and measuring everything allows you to predict your results and ultimately your success. 

Understanding your figures is key. If it moves and shakes it needs to be measured. What doesn’t get measured cannot be managed. If you show me your activities I can predict with clarity and precision your results.

I once had a client who was just about out of cash and he was just days away from chucking it all in. He came to me as a last effort to salvage his struggling business. After a few months with me I could see that things were starting to turn around, but he wasn’t convinced as the results weren’t showing up in his bank account yet. He rang me up one day and said, “That’s it. I’m done. I can’t pay you anymore and I’m basically out of cash. I have to pull the plug.”

I spoke to him for a long time and he filled me in on exactly what his situation was. At the end of the conversation I made him an offer. I told him that I would keep working with him as before and I’d keep invoicing him but he didn’t have to pay me for 60 days. I spelled out exactly what he needed to do, and that I had absolute confidence this would right his ship within 60 days. He took some persuading but he agreed to the deal.

I got one of the best phone calls I’ve ever had 62 days later.

He rang me up more excited than I’d ever heard him: he’d just landed a $280,000 contract for his business, the largest by a long way that he had ever secured! That was a few years ago and today his business is going from strength to strength.

It’s not about the result, it’s about the activity.

I knew with confidence that he was only a couple of months away because of the activity of the previous 90 days. His pipeline had never been bigger. His follow-up systems had never been better.

This was a result of a six-month process; he just couldn’t see how it was all about to come to fruition. All the indicators – such as conversion rates and the tested and measured data – allowed me to see this. I’m not psychic, I just read the data, and you can too. I learned how to do this and you can too.

When you think you are three feet from disaster you may in fact be three feet from gold, so keep going. Just go for it. If you do all this the cashflow turns up.

By putting the right processes in place, and having the right mindset about everything you do, you will inevitably be successful. Focus on continuously improving your processes, strive to be 1% better everyday and be accountable to outcomes.


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