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Stefan Kazakis on 3 August 2015

Business Freedom, Are You Getting It?

As the CEO of Business Benchmark Group, at every Board of Directors 12 Melbourne Business Coaching Program one of the key questions that I ask all members is:

Does your small business provide you with the freedom you imagined it would?

Freedom is valuable 

We aspire to attain the type of financial freedom to use one’s time more efficiently or to do things we’d prefer to do, to be free of boredom and the daily repetition of mundane tasks.

A kind of freedom where we can enjoy life, time with our loved ones and focus on achieving, while our business runs itself.

Did you go into small business to achieve greater freedom? Our exclusive Melbourne based small business coaching program is designed to maximise your small business' potential.

Find out more.

Top 5 Tips For Small Business Freedom

If you’re seeking to achieve greater financial freedom in your small business this year, here is the best business advice to keep in mind on your pursuit towards small business financial freedom.

  1. accounting numbers rhsMoney doesn't solve everything: The way you manage your money is more important than the amount that your small business earns.
  2. Not all that glitters is gold: Don’t be influenced by the luxuries that others own, many are plagued by the debts of their luxuries. Luxuries are attained through giving your business time and commitment.
  3. Save, save again and save some more: Spend less than you earn, invest and then once your money has multiplied taste the fruits of your success.
  4. Purchase with your head, not your credit limit: Evaluate, compare alternatives and consider whether every purchase for your small business is essential, to the daily running of your small business.
  5. Check your scoreboard on a daily basis: By always knowing the status of your business’ scoreboard your financials will continue to prosper; due to your knowledge of all incoming and outgoing expenses within your small business.

Get into Financial Shape with Business Coaching

Remember financial freedom isn’t something we are blessed with or something that is gifted to us. It is something we achieve through calculated financial management and utilising business advice.

These keys to financial freedom can be taught, but it takes time. A dedicated small business coach and attending business coaching programs are some of the most practical and efficient ways to learn the secrets to small business financial freedom.

At Board of Directors 12 business coaching programs, we teach how every small business can achieve big business success!

Are you ready to start your small business journey to financial freedom?

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