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Stefan Kazakis on 22 June 2015

Advice on Getting Things Done in Business

I always find itinteresting that as human beings we are able to squish a whole month’s worth of work into less days than usual when there is a definite cut off point; be that the upcoming festivities or a well deserved holiday.

delegating tasks2

Why can’t we do this every month? Well, that’s a question for another time. Right now the question is: how do you find the discipline to focus on what really needs to be achieved? We all know its easy to run around like a headless chicken and achieve nothing!

My advice? Be disciplined in focusing on the 3 things that you need to achieve per day list vs. the traditional 'to-do' list. Now that doesn’t mean you complete the 3 things and head to the golf course for the day! What it means is that you will have completed the most important things firstr. I urge you to try it!

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Tips to boost productivity

Here are a few tips on getting the most out of your day so that you’re building wealth and business success.

  • Setting priorities is the key to winning back control of your time investment. Pinpoint your short and medium term goals and keep your tasks aligned. Defining your dreams as goals gives them a form and structure.
  • Choose the right tasks as a business owner. A comprehensive To-Do list will help de-clutter your mind. But instead, call it a 'Things to Achieve List'.
  • Ensure that you can delegate some of your tasks and do this at your earliest – the sooner these tasks are off your list the better.
  • Find a place for everything. Organise your workspace so that everything is within reach and in order.
  • Manage your emails and phone messaging. Don't let them become the Boss.
  • Minimise interruptions. If you’re overloaded, say so. If you can’t do everything, agree what you can do.
  • Face up to procrastination, perfectionism or being a control freak. These are costing you a lot of time. Focus on outcomes and get started!
  • Time is Money, so know your 'Value'. Eliminate or delegate tasks that have a lower value than your time.
  • Finally you must learn and use the concept of leverage. Leverage will help you to get far more done, with a lot less effort!

Boost productivity. Get organised.

The key reason to why business owners don’t invest their time in high-priority areas is that ‘they don’t know what they don’t know’. This is particularly notable in the area of using other people’s time!

A small business coach could become your most valuable asset. A business coach will help you identify high priority tasks, and more importantly, help you get them done!

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