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Stefan Kazakis on 11 August 2018

We’re all in business for ourselves because we want to achieve our dreams. Ultimately there is no other reason. Your dreams are at the end of a long process that starts with how many leads you generate for your business.

You need a steady flow of leads coming into your business to generate the work that gets delivered on time and on budget that turns into steady cashflow so that you can meet your financial commitments as they arise and ultimately have enough money in the bank to achieve your dreams.

Here are The Ten Dreamflow Commandments that will ensure your business is always ahead of the game and always has enough money in the bank to pay the bills and ensure the owner is also being rewarded:


 1. Thou shalt be persistent.

You have to be proactive. You have to. You can’t sit back in your office and wait for the clients to come knocking, because they won’t. You have to go out and find them and then do whatever it takes to get them through your door. You must go slow to go fast, be committed, and proceed with confidence and clarity. Stay on track and stick to your plan.


2. Thou shalt be resilient.

We all know business can be tough. Are you going to let problems get in your way and keep you from your dreams? Or are you going to do what it takes to get yourself back on track?


3. Thou shalt have tenacity.

I can coach all the other commandments but this is your responsibility. I can’t coach this. You have to be tenacious about 1% improvements every day. It is your hand on that dial. Personal best is the game.


4. Thou shalt proceed with velocity.

Get it done today. Get it done right now. Don’t leave what needs to be done today until tomorrow.


5. Thou shalt have momentum.

If you can make five phone calls today, what would it look like if you made 20? Or 100?


6. Thou shalt have synergy.

You need to have synergy with everybody you deal with; your staff, your clients, your suppliers. From top to bottom everybody in your organisation needs to be on the same page and moving in the same direction.


7. Thou shalt study the scoreboard.

By now you are well aware that your finances are the scoreboard for your business. And if you don’t understand the scoreboard, how do you know if you are winning or losing? You might be behind by 10 points or ahead by 50, but you won’t  know.


8. Thou shalt practise brutal truth.

You can’t be lazy and rich. It just can’t be done. You have to make a real and honest commitment to look at yourself and your business and see what needs to be done, and then do it.


9. Thou shalt practise congruency.

What you say and what you do are totally aligned. Your dreams should always be congruent with your current cashflow and profitflow. Don’t plan for the Porsche until the required profitflow is showing up. Don’t plan that trip to Disneyland until you have enough reliable profitflow.

10. Thou shalt be humble yet assertive.

No doubt you are good at what you do but you don’t know everything. Being humble yet assertive means that you take the time to listen and learn from others, but when the time comes to make a decision about your business you do so  with  clarity  and  confidence.  Nobody  knows  your business like you do; it’s your responsibility to lead it  in the right direction, nobody else’s.


I’ve been in business a long time, and I know that one of the biggest worries that keeps business owners up at night is cashflow. The Ten Dreamflow Commandments will ensure you keep your business moving in the right direction, that you stay on top of things, and that you always have enough cash coming in. If you can’t create the activity required to generate work, you won’t get to cashflow and you won’t get to dreamflow.




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