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Stefan Kazakis on 4 November 2017

When you think about the right job, how is it that you determine with a logical approach somebody being in the right job? Is it that they do the job with no issues? Is it that they are a really good solider? Does that mean they are hitting at 100% more often, or is a solid 80% okay?

You have to be careful you are not looking for Superman or Super woman. Occasionally somebody will come along and recreate the rules, but your role as a leader is to provide the structure and allow the team to grow. Your structure says, this is what’s expected. It provides parameters and boundaries. It is okay for your team to be working at a level of 80%-plus, but occasionally somebody is going to come along and work at 90% or 95%. That’s somebody who can advance the structure and performance of your business. As long as integrity is maintained, you can use that. As long as others can follow, this can be a great opportunity to build.

Remember, data drives prediction. Everything you do will have a number to it. If you are going to be a Productivity Diamond you are going to have to fall in love with the numbers.

Delegating is a critical element of being productive and having the right people in the right roles. You must have systems and structures to accommodate growth and address gaps that are slowing you down. You must be working at a level that is making it easier for you to be leveraged and productive.

As your business continues to grow and expand your ability to use a leveraged approach that people can follow is crucial. It’s predictable - everybody is 80% doing the same things every day. This is the structure for growth. It cannot be loose. As with everything in your organisation, data drives this. How can you assess whether somebody is doing the right things if you don’t have a scoreboard? Your ability to stay true to your metrics and drivers in all areas of the business is critical.

If we are not advancing and delegating to others we are not allowing the people below to come in and contribute. Remember, you need the right people in the right job doing the right things. The right things – whether you like it or not – are the decisions that were made by the executive team. The decisions may have been made when the business was smaller.

What is the ethos of determining what are the right things? The agenda needs to be set very early on in the business to clarify what makes the right things the right things. What are the underlying factors that determine the right things? It’s about determining the top five priorities for the next 90 days that you need to focus on holistically as an organisation.

What are the top five for each department? Everything you do and every decision you make must come back to those top five things. The contribution and productivity of each department needs to deliver on those priorities.

Within those top five, what is number one? What is at the top of the list? And how are you constantly measuring against it? How can you make this better? How can you eliminate this problem? Are you there yet? So, putting the right people in the right job is really about, how do you determine those outcomes? As with everything you do, it’s about the plan. It’s about the arrow. It’s a mini destination. The five-year plan determines what you are doing in the short and medium term, and sets out the right time and the right things. Your 90-day priority list is part of the bigger picture. In the day-to-day running of your business you must be aware of the bigger picture and also the short-term steps to take that will get you there.

You must be consistently looking at structures and systems and bringing in the right people with coaching and mentoring. You must have a genuine nurturing approach and a commitment to your people.

Power to you!


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