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Stefan Kazakis on 23 September 2017

As our regular readers will know, we end the theme each month with the M500 event. And this week's event was one of the best.

Stefan shared that business owners need to embrace hard work with grit and resilience and accept that it’s never going to be easy; and that most definitely a four-hour week will not yield success. You are never done building a business. There will be some periods where growth is stronger than others, and asking yourself ‘what is the reality’ and ‘what is it meant to be’ all the keys to finding out ‘what ought to be’ and ‘what is’.

Our guest speaker, David Buttifant, Director of Keen Edge and co-founder of NICK Foundation entertained us with some very interesting information on why building resilience drives performance.  He performed a great experiment to showcase our fight or flight response to a situation – thank you to everyone who offered to get up and sing for us!  As David shared, high performing teams require clarity around goals and roles.  As leaders, we can’t force behaviour but we can shape it and in order to do that we need to ensure that we maintain a growth mindset.

Our Business in Reflection interview with Vasil Niksic of Nunawading Engine Clinic was both entertaining and humbling; I think every business owner in the room shared empathy with Vas’ ‘light bulb moment’ of there must be another way when tackling a dysfunctional team issue. With a 70% increase in revenue since joining the program, and a 20% increase in average dollar sale in the same timeframe, Vas is most certainly on his way to building a very successful business.

That wraps up this month’s theme.  Next week we are moving on to why all business owners need to maintain their competitive edge.

As always, power to you!


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