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Stefan Kazakis on 17 February 2018

More than ever, the strength of your brand is pivotal to the strength of your business. In our high-tech, interconnected world where word travels at the speed of light, a reputation can take years to build – and be ruined in an instant.

To survive in this environment, you must build a reputation for being adventurous and daring as a business, for coming up with fresh ideas. You must be okay with feedback and criticism and produce maximum results in minimum time. These are things your business must be known for. You must work towards being able to guarantee them.

What you do for your target market and how often you produce a solid outcome is critical for the reputation you want to build and maintain. This is how you develop a sticky aspect to your organisation. This is how you attract people, and – more importantly – keep them coming back. You are becoming noticeable. You’re relevant and you’re reliable. You’re not a one hit wonder; you can produce sustained positive outcomes for your clients. Growing the brand and business is about getting out there. It’s about the goodwill that you have fostered. That’s what got you here in the first place. Your reputation and your brand are the unspoken word about your business. They must go to the heart of everything you do.

The strength of your brand is not just critical for attracting clients, it’s also about attracting better A-graders among your suppliers, your team, your advisers, anybody who meets your business. All other things being equal, great people want to hang around with great people. High-performers want to hang out with other high-performers. The collaboration aspect of your reputation is critical, and ultimately it is led by your brand. As your reputation grows and you are aggregating in these areas, it means that you are building a great business and brand, which leads to greater growth and profit. This will mean your business will attract greater talent – people who have an appetite for becoming A-grade players.

The culture of your business is reflected in its reputation. Without a culture of productivity, of getting things done, of personal accountability, your business will go nowhere. This is not something you can simply enforce from the top; it’s something you must live and breathe every day. It’s a mindset you must believe in. Only then will others follow you, and only then will your business build a reputation for great outcomes.

Your strong reputation is critical to your business growth. Most of us have had the experience where it’s been easier to sign up a client than we expected. I’ve spoken to business leaders who have been contacted by clients who have said straight away, ‘I’ve done my homework. I’ve heard you’re the best. You don’t need to sell me. I’m signing up with you. Just tell me where to start’. Now that’s the pinnacle of having a strong brand and reputation.

To continue to build your thinking you must stay ahead of your current positioning. You must always be walking in the future while your team are working in the present but are also aware of the future. This provides significant power compared to always focusing on the past.

All of this helps you improve productivity. A strong brand means you must spend less effort finding and appealing to the right clients, because they will come to you. You will find it easier to put the right people on your team, because the strong reputation of your business means they are already keen to work with you before you’ve even asked them.

Power to you.


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