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Stefan Kazakis on 9 May 2020

Your Belief is the Key to Your Success

Right now, is one of the toughest periods we will face mentally as business owners.

We all have had our doubts, some of us have even thought of throwing in the towel. There’s no shame in that, these times are tough.   

But there is one thing we all have - self-belief. This is being tested, yes, but it is still the biggest key to our success.

We must believe we can do it.

We must believe our team can do it.

We must believe things will get better because they will.

We have built our business once from what was once nothing, so what have we got to lose?

We will get through this, I promise you.

This will become history.

Your belief and persistence is the key to your success.

If you believe, you will persist, and persistence is critical right now.

You must believe in everything you are working towards. This is a non-negotiable.

It must be non-negotiable that you will get up at 7 am, or 6 am, or even 5 am, every day so that you can do what you need to do to make your tree grow.  Because we all know, that if your tree isn’t growing, then it’s dying.

You must make a commitment to yourself that you will do whatever it takes. You must expect and demand it of yourself. You’ve heard me say it often; if it were easy to run a business, then everybody would be doing it. 

Everyone would be running million-dollar businesses, driving fancy cars and going on holidays every other month. But it’s not easy. We know this. So, you need to be brutally honest with yourself and have a true inner belief. Do whatever it takes to succeed. 

Just now, many business owners are losing faith and losing that strong belief that they can do this.

I promise you if you don’t believe you will fail because you will give up.

When you tap into your purpose you become bullet-proof. The strongest muscle in the body is the brain, so program your purpose into your brain. 

Your purpose will become everything through this period.

Shift your focus from your fears to your purpose.

Shift your focus from your worries to your passion.

Shift your focus from thinking it won’t work to believing it will, and do everything possible, every single minute to make it work. 

Belief and purpose influences everything. Belief and purpose will guide you through this time.

What is your hierarchy of values?

What is non-negotiable for you that you are transferring to your business?

What is acceptable and what is not acceptable for how you treat your team and your customers?

What about trust and honesty?

What about effort and dedication?

Values are a by-product of your identity and who you really are. Your values say a lot about who you are and what service your business provides.  

Ask yourself the following questions and see how they sit with you:

  • Are you not recognising how far you’ve come? Do you acknowledge that you are more accomplished and advanced than you give yourself credit for?
  • How do you truly understand your relationships with your suppliers and customers?
  • How do you see yourself as a business? 
  • What are the values you live by? Are these reflected in your business?

Have the answers to these questions changed or been adjusted since COVID-19? Do they need to change in order to succeed?

Let’s go one step further

Your identity was created by the environment you were brought up in as a young child and a younger adult.

We all hear the term identity being thrown around, but do you really know what your identity is? Is you desired identity the same as how others perceive your identity?

Your self-confidence and self-belief is affected by your habitual way of thinking from a young age.

This is not to say that you can’t build self-confidence or self-belief. It just means our thought patterns are often formed at a young age, so changing these takes a lot of personal development and work. 

Improving your self-confidence and self-belief requires tapping into your inner strength and knowing that you can get the results you want and deserve.

You have a responsibility to tap into that every day. This will be your key to success.

Repeat after me. I can achieve what I set out to do. Leave your head trash behind right now.

Most of our conscious behaviour is determined by our unconscious mind. So, work every day to make your unconscious mind and your thought patterns a nice place.

This concept can be represented like an iceberg. 


 Going from this example, your beliefs and values and your identity are all under the surface.

They may go unnoticed. You cannot physically see them.  They can’t be quantified or measured.

 What does not go unnoticed are your behaviour and actions. This is what people see above the surface, but it is determined by what is going on under the surface.

This is known as the Identity Iceberg

Your plan starts with your beliefs but what people see is your behaviour. Your results are the product of the decisions you make and the actions that you follow through with.

I urge you all to get clear on your values, beliefs and your identity. Know that you will get through this period and lead your business to long-term success.

Power to you!  

Stefan Kazakis 

CEO, Business Benchmark Group

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