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Stefan Kazakis on 4 November 2017

Are you and your people in alignment in what you are doing each day? Think about these three questions. They are often barriers to success.

Is your executive team thinking ahead of where the business is now? 

The executive team needs to grow as leaders in their ability to delegate and predict and stay ahead of where the organisation is going, but also stay in the right direction for where market forces are taking them. 

Is your business planning and building for choke points before they arrive? 

There is continuous need for systems and structures to develop to handle the complexity that comes with success. There are always going to be choke points. Our ability as a team to build structures to handle growth is critical. This must be done before the fact. It’s too late when the choke point has arrived.

Does your team have the right dynamics? 

The first person who must be right is the leader, then the executive team. If they are not leading, nobody can or will follow. If they are not clear where they are leading to, then any place will do.

Having the right people is about having a sense of clarity around what type of leader or leadership team you need. Whether you are a 10-person or 250-person business, the executive team needs to consist of laser-focused and outcome-based individuals whose value contribution is high.

We all know of businesses where the CEO spends more time on holiday than in the office, where the executive team goes for lunch at 12 o’clock and nobody sees them again that day, where managers see it as their job to tell everybody else what to do but not hold themselves to the same standards. This is most definitely not the way to build an A-grade business.

Not everything must be a 100% success up front, but each person must be doing everything to the best of their ability, with a commitment to continuous improvement. If you are having seven-minute meetings and staying on track you will ultimately have the opportunity to advance people’s skills and careers, and your business. 

Sometimes your analysis of the market might require a huge leap forward, but sometimes success is about knowing that the market right now requires a more conservative approach. Sometimes the CEO just needs to put the handbrake on slightly on where you are. When an organisation has the ability to say, no we will not do that yet, we will not grow our business to that level yet, this is a sign of maturity in the business – as long as it can back the decision with logic and data, not just emotion and fear. That’s why the top person in the team must be assertive and educated about the business and the market. That’s why the team must be aligned, top to bottom.

Power to you!


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