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Stefan Kazakis on 4 April 2020

Pivoting in your business throughout COVID-19

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, whilst devastating, has sparked a lot of innovation, motivation and creation as business owners look for ways to implement new business models.

I saw a great quote the other day, “your ideas are either born or lost in isolation”

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We have been so inspired by so many business owners who have found ways to pivot their model.  Here are just a few ways we have seen pivots happen within our community, and in our own business as well.

  • Working remotely
  • Delivery services added  
  • Shift to online sales
  • A ramp up with communication
  • Virtual tours, consultations and quoting
  • Supplying new services/products that are now in high demand

Here at Business Benchmark Group we ourselves, have embraced a pivot.

We are utilising the online world, staying connected via daily team meetings and ensuring we are constantly working in collaboration even though we are in isolation and working from home. We have also not only delivered our regular programs online, but we have now added informative webinars and question and answer sessions to our day.

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It’s times like these, that force you to try new ways of doing things, to push you outside of your comfort zone, and even push you beyond what you thought was possible. Now is the time to embrace new, more effective, more efficient ways of doing things.

I’ve said a few times to myself in the past couple of week “– why haven’t we been operating this way the whole time?”

Don’t get me wrong, this is a very difficult time and there’s a lot of uncertainty of what the future holds. But, as I have said in previous weeks, we must focus on what we can control rather than what we can’t.

We must let new ideas be born.

We must let flexibility become our focus.

We must rise above our challenges and keep going as if it’s day one.

We have seen so many new ideas spring to life across our entire community. It’s great to see that business owners are not letting this defeat them, instead they are making the most of every opportunity that comes their way.  

Take inspiration from our community.


Pizza Doh

Our wonderful client Pizza Doh, a restaurant in Blairgowrie, has made some amazing pivots to keep their business thriving during this time.

The hospitality industry has seen some of the biggest changes with the new restrictions.

Andrew Grinter, the owner of Pizza Doh acted quickly to ensure he could keep their doors open throughout this period.

They have implemented:

  • New trading hours
  • New takeaway and home delivery menus
  • New ‘ready meals’ to reheat and freeze
  • FREE delivery to local loyalty members

This ensured he could continue to make sales, even though his restaurant could no longer have a dine-in option.


Another of our wonderful clients, Matt Adams of MotoSign has introduced some new products inspired by the pandemic crisis.

Usual business for MotoSign is signage in a whole range of ways, from car wraps to shop fronts.

Matt has shared that they have added a new and for many, much needed, product.  MotoSign is now creating backdrops for business owners and their teams who are using an online platform such as Zoom or Gotomeeting to conduct their business transactions. 

Check out this video for a look at this genius idea:

Some inspiration from outside our community…


The local gin distillery – Four Pillars Gin – has created a hand sanitizer out of their gin.

What an amazing pivot that is so useful throughout this time.

This is specifically to help aid our healthcare professionals who are struggling to find sanitizer during COVID-19.

It is amazing what new ideas and pivots come to you as you’re forced to think in new ways.

I challenge every one of you to think about how you can help others to help you to continue doing business.

What creative ideas do you have?  Go wild!  These are unprecedented times remember –  

Where can you find opportunity right now?

What is more in demand now than ever before?


Power to you!  
Stefan Kazakis 

CEO, Business Benchmark Group

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