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Stefan Kazakis on 30 November 2019

Now Is The Time To Take Back Control. 

There’s now just one month till the start of a brand new year.

This time of year is always a great opportunity to review your business and reflect on what you’ve achieved, set new goals and make plans for the new year.

I always get excited at the end of every year… how great is it that as business owners we have two lines in the sand (the end of the calendar and financial years) that force us to stop and consider with clarity what our strategies are to achieve the #1 goal we set for ourselves?

If this time of year fills you with regret and disappointment, don’t despair! There is still time left to get to work on finishing this year off as well as we can. Set out to make this month a Personal Best, so you begin 2020 with momentum.

Now is the time to remove the panic button and take back control.

Finish what you have started. Get every order delivered and invoiced, and collect debts before the Christmas break.

Resolve any immediate problems and do what needs to be done to ‘spring clean’ your business ready for the New Year.

Ensuring you take the time NOW to confirm your 2020 plan is very important. It ensures that you’re ready and roaring to go in January.

Many business owners begin to slow down in December, and aren’t back to full speed till February. If you want to be a benchmark business, don’t allow this to happen. Make every moment count. Start now if you haven’t already!

I know for some of you, the weeks leading up to Christmas are just far too hectic to even contemplate a strategy session, but consider what an hour of planning now could do for you and your team.

Could it be the fuel to drive you through the next few weeks? Could it be the idea that boosts your team's productivity? Could it be the ‘blinding flash of the obvious’ that says if we plan now, then come next December, we won’t be needing to work this hard in order to achieve an even greater result.

The smart business owner will plan and action changes that will offer their small business strengthened returns from day one. The smart business owner will also never end another year in such frenzy again because they will have strategised this increase in activity and have put plans in place to ensure that December is just like every other month in the year.

You should invest at least 30 minutes with each of your key advisers before the end of the year. Ask for their feedback and advice. What do they suggest you need to do before the end of this year? What is their advice on what you need to focus on in 2020?

This will help you develop more precise plans and objectives for 2020 and ensure that you're ready to hit the ground running.

Power to you! 

Stefan Kazakis
CEO, Business Benchmark Group

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