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Stefan Kazakis on 6 June 2020

Marketing your business during COVID-19: "The Re-Strategy"

Are you struggling to get clients during the Coronavirus pandemic? Shift your focus from generating new and cold leads to what I call ‘The RE strategy.’

You need to ditch the hard sale. Instead, be vulnerable and put yourself out there, and have genuine conversations with your target market.

 So, what’s the RE strategy?

 It simply means that right now, you should focus your marketing strategy on words beginning with Re-.

Referrals. Recommendations. Repeat. Relationships. Reengagement. Reactivate. Relevancy. Reputation. The list goes on...

Referrals and Recommendations

Your current clients like buying from you - and they are most likely to know others just like them. 

How can you get them to send a referral your way? The first step is simple: Ask them!

What incentives can you offer to get more referrals? This is all about utilising the network you've already built. Look through your phone contacts and connect with them.

Don't be shy. Push through your head trash. Your business's survival may depend on it.


How can you make sure your customers not only buy from you once, but keep coming back again and again? The list of strategies is endless, and a good starting point is simply telling your clients how much you value them.


You've been building relationships your entire life. School friends, work colleagues, sporting team mates, family and so on. 

So ask yourself - who do they know that could be your next client? How can you have a conversation with them?


Your database is key to your success. But if your database is just a list of names you no longer communicate with, then it's effectively worthless.

You need to bring your database to life and reach out to them. How many opportunities are waiting for you right now, if only you reminded them you exist? 

People buy from who they know and what they trust. Now is the time to lean on those who know and trust you already.


Finding and converting cold leads is difficult and costly at the best of times, let alone during these tough times.

So how can you reactivate leads that didn't buy from you? How can you make it easy for them to buy from you right now? 

Reactivation has the benefit that these people already know who you are and what you do, so you can focus on improving your conversion.

The more you reach out to these leads, the more polished your pitch will be and the more success you will have.

Relevancy and reputation

How are you relevant to your target market right now? How do you communicate that? You must show your target market exactly why they need you right now. 

You have already built a reputation with your clients, so how do you leverage that in the search for new business?

Final thoughts...

How do you encourage business to buy from you right now? How do you make sure they keep coming back, and tell their friends about you?

How do you reactivate leads that didn't buy from you? How can you make it easy for them to buy from you right now?

What relationships can you lean on to bring you new prospects?

People will buy from people they know, trust or have been recommended by those they trust. 

This statement is true at all times, but especially so right now. So, focus on driving business from those who already know and trust you.

Your focus should be solely on either attracting new clients or keeping current clients. How much of your time is spent on less important distractions?

Your entire team should aligned to this mission, and their daily activities must reflect that.

Your customer service needs to be at its absolute highest standard right now. There will be strong competition for customers who are ready to buy right now, so go the extra mile for your customers.

Ensure they never even think about buying from your competitors. Be vulnerable in asking your networks for referrals, and show gratitude when they send people your way.

Covid-19 does not have to be the end of your business. In fact, there are abundant opportunities if only you do the hard work, push through your head trash and treat every day as if it was Day One in your business.

Power to you!  

Stefan Kazakis 

CEO, Business Benchmark Group

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