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Stefan Kazakis on 27 January 2018

Continuous Improvement Yields Big Returns

I have seen great results come just from a small change in mindset.

As a small business advisor I often ask this question when I meet someone who is doubting themselves or feel stuck:

"When was the last time you achieved a Personal Best"?

My clients know that I ask this question often.

Why?  Because we all need to be reminded that with a little bit more focus we can all improve - just 1% improvement every day will provide an overall 220% improvement in one year.

That’s right, there are about 220 working days a year, so if you commit yourself to getting just 1% better every single day that you are at work, you’ll be 220% better at your job in 12 months than you are now.

How does that sound? If you are looking for the motivation to improve every day, have you considered a business advisor? Business Benchmark Group small business advisory service will heklp you find the motivation and drive to improve every day. Together, we can see you and your business break personal productivity records.

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Target 220

As some of you know, I call this approach Target 220. It requires a deep desire to get better every day. You don’t have to get 50% better by next week or 78% better by the end of the month. That’s just not going to happen. But 1% better tomorrow? And then again the day after that? And again, and again? That is something you can achieve.  Now that sounds easy doesn't it.

It’s about aiming to be your Personal Best. If you don’t have something driving you to be your Personal Best then chances are each day, each week and each month you are going to spend more time in mediocrity. But if you are clear about your opportunities, your strategic planning, and your use of time and money you can make the decision that you can be your Personal Best. You will be able to make 1% improvements each day. You can revolutionise and transform your business and yourself if you have the attitude of doing whatever it takes.

Small improvements make a big difference 

olympic athlete before raceIf you think that 1% isn’t much, ask an Olympic athlete what 0.001 of a second means. Tiny increments are the difference between success and failure. If you want to be at the top of your industry at some point, ongoing 1% improvements will get you there.

If your aim is just to beat the other guy or to reach a certain level of profit, where do you go once you’ve done that? What is left to drive you and your business?

The best coaches in sport will tell you they don’t focus on winning games, they focus on the process. If they concentrate on getting better and doing the little things during games the wins will come. That’s the attitude you need. If you just care about the win you’ve put a ceiling on your growth, but there are no limits when you are constantly aiming to be the best you can be.

Are you just flirting with success or are you going to chase it with all you’ve got? Somebody is going to win this race, so is it going to be you?

Are you going to be 1% better today than you were yesterday?  Of course you are!

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