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Stefan Kazakis on 30 September 2017

Leverage is about being collaborative and being open to the thrive tasks. Leverage is gained by working on higher value tasks more often, doing strategic work today so that it delivers the outcomes tomorrow, and by ensuring that you are eliminating or delegating lower value tasks to others. Just battling through rather than doing the work that might lead to a longer-term solution is leverage. Leverage is one of the most important components and frameworks for success in any business and industry in the world. It’s critical. This is how you do more with less. To become a successful business owner you have to be an advanced student of this concept called leverage.

There are many different ways to apply leverage in your business. This week we are going to look at leveraging systems and processes.

Leveraging systems is about replicating the processes that work over the course of time, and then you must ensure that you follow the systems. It takes human beings to follow a system, and the system is there for a reason. You don’t need to recreate the wheel.

To create good systems, simply figure out what is working in your business and then build on that. 

Consider issues such as:

• How can you make sure the right people are doing the right things?

• What can you automate?

• What can you delegate?

• What can you outsource?

• What shouldn’t you be doing?

Then, once the system is up and running, innovate and evolve the system. You need a predictable road map and a beaten track to get somewhere; you don’t need to be Robinson Crusoe. Creating and leveraging systems is all about the DNA and collective will of the business that got you here. 

What has got you as far as you’ve come already, and how do you keep on advancing that?

Power to you this week.


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