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Stefan Kazakis on 21 October 2017

What better way to wrap up the month than with a fantastic M500 event this week.  Our events always begin with an opportunity to network, which considering the noise levels was a very productive first half hour of the day for many this month – a constant reminder that everyone needs to get out of their space and connect with other like-minded people.

Our guest speaker Michelle Kleinert, Mayor of Manningham City Council reflected on her year and what will, without a doubt, be her legacy. A self-confessed connector of people, Michelle shared how she utilises leverage to achieve her KPIs and how this resulted in an awesome result last week at the Mayoral Ball, raising over $44,000 for National Mental Health Foundation Headspace.

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When asked for their top tip for the business owners in the room, our Business in Reflection Andrew and Amanda Ibrahim of The Fish & Burger Co shared that you must treat every day as if it is Day One in your business.  On day one you are on top of your game, you push forward and you know you are better than yesterday.  Consistency is the key to success.

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We broke into breakout groups and discussed a series of questions about how to gain a competitive advantage, from implementing ideas to free up time to work ON rather than IN the business, why letting go of certain tasks is difficult and what can be done to help, and ways in which you can share the vision for your business with the team and how to achieve total buy in. 

That wraps up the October event and next week we launch into a brand-new theme as we head towards the last M500 of 2017. 

But I do have one question for you … with only 7 or 8 productive weeks in the lead up to to Christmas; what are your top 3 goals that you must have achieved before the year ends?  And then ask yourself ... who is going to hold you accountable?   

Power to you!


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