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Stefan Kazakis on 14 January 2017

Does FEAR sometimes reach up and get you by the throat and stop you from even getting started?

Are there times in your small business that you think you know what to do but every time you start you cannot sustain the forward momentum long enough to see it through to the finish line?  

Overcome Regressive Feelings

Fear causes you to look backwards rather than forward; it leads you to make poor decisions even when the correct way ahead seems obvious.

Does the fear of the unknown get in the way of taking a ‘first step’?

Is the challenge of a new beginning a challenge for you?

Is the possibility of success something that creates fear for you?

Why does this happen? Why do we become stuck? Why is it okay to stay with the status quo? Why is it acceptable not to create a better outcome?

Sometimes we are used to being frustrated and feeling inadequate. When a business starts to go backwards rather than forward confidence takes a hit and this leads to resistance. It’s an understandable feeling, but one that can be overcome.

Don't Let Negativity Drain You

The people you grew up with and have around you also affect your ability to take charge. Maybe when you were growing up people said you weren’t good enough or didn’t encourage you. Maybe you have people around you now who are telling you it’s too hard or too risky and you should just get out. Having these negative influences can be a real drain on your energy and commitment.

Fear Leads to Resistance

Fear also leads to resistance – fear of failure and fear of success. Fear of failure is easy to understand: I could lose lots of money or my house, I’ll let people down, I’ll feel like a failure.

Fear of Success

But fear of success can also be a problem. If you don’t have a clear plan, or confidence in where you are going, the thought of being successful can be quite daunting. Will I be able to handle the business if it gets larger? Do I have the skills to manage more staff or make bigger deals? Will I be comfortable managing larger amounts of money or opening a new store?

All of this fear leads to procrastination

If you push through the breakthroughs required to beat procrastination you will give yourself the best chance to move from mediocrity to personal best. 

Discipline Vs Regret - one is short term pain, the other one is long term pain. 

If someone else has achieved it you can too… find the inspiration to move forward and win. Create a business plan for your small business that will exceed your wildest dreams. 

Hang around the Dream Makers not the Dream Takers… Fear nothing!   

Power to you this week.


Stefan Kazakis is the Principal of Business Benchmark Group and has spent more than two decades at the forefront of business and enterprise.

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