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Stefan Kazakis on 2 November 2019

5 Ways To Increase Conversions

Every business owner, big or small, wants to convert more leads into paying customers. 

Improving your conversion rate is one of the most effective strategies you can employ to grow your business. After all, it costs far more to attract new leads than it does to convert the ones you've already attracted. 

So here's 5 techniques to boost your conversions:

1. Embrace the Sales Page

Create a landing page on your website that is optimised for conversions. A sales page - or landing page - is not just generic information about you, your business or your products. 

Instead, it is a standalone page created with one specific purpose in mind: to convert your website visitors into customers. It is a single page focused on just one product or service, with messages that are designed for a specific target market. 

A targeted sales pitch designed for a specific ideal customer will be much more effective than generic copy written for a wide audience. 

Your sales page doesn't need to immediately close the sale - it may just be one step in your sales process. Your sales page should be appealing enough that the prospect shares their information with you, allowing you to follow-up and complete the sale. 



2. Focus on Quality Content and Provide Testimonials. 

Before customers choose to buy from you, they will typically do two things: Check out your website, and seek out testimonials and reviews. 

Ensure your website is more than just a "beautiful face". Your website should be easy to use, and clearly communicate the benefits of your service or product, backed up with testimonials and reviews from your existing clients. 

salespage reviews

3. Simon Says "Keep It Simple!"

Creativity can be memorable, but if you aren't careful, it can be distracting and counter productive. 

When it comes to small business, the clearer and more concise you can be in your message, the more effective your messaging and the higher rate of conversion. Keep it simple and use what works!


4. Combine Online Lead Generation with Offline Sales Techniques

Unless you exclusively sell products online, you can't expect your website or marketing materials to do all the work for you to close the sale. You must intelligently incorporate offline sales techniques into your sales process. 

Your website only needs to make the visitor interested enough to leave their contact info. This allows you to then follow up your warm lead as part of a structured sales process. You should test and measure every aspect of your sales process, and continually improve your follow-up process. 

(In last week's message, I discussed the follow-up process in far more detail. Click here to read more). 


5. No Business Is an Island. Every Business Is Influenced By The Mainland. 

Copying your competitor's marketing isn’t going to do your business any favours (you won't be unique, nor will it be good for your search engine rankings) but you can learn from their successful and unsuccessful marketing efforts. 

Ensure you remain aware of your competitors marketing efforts on a regular basis. Sign up for their mailing lists! 

This will help you develop marketing material that stands out and communicates the value you offer much better than your competitors. 


These are just five simple strategies to help improve your conversion rate - but there are many more strategies you can employ. In order to improve your conversion rate, first you must know what your conversion rate currently is! Monitor it on an ongoing basis and test and measure your process. Investing the time required to do so will be well worth your while!

In this week's podcast, I discuss this in more detail. Listen now! 


Power to you!

Stefan Kazakis
CEO, Business Benchmark Group

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