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Stefan Kazakis on 8 December 2018

Too many small business owners spend time on things that earn a low hourly rate for their skill set. Many business owners start out alone with little cash, and so they get into the habit of doing everything themselves and trying to cut costs while doing so.

This can be okay - and is often necessary - in the very early days of getting the business off the ground. But once you are past that stage, having a Lone Ranger complex will be a massive hindrance to the growth of your business.

Instead, you should embrace delegation. Delegation allows you to focus on your highest hourly rate thrive tasks - the tasks that contribute to the success of your business. It moves you forward because you work on the stuff that matters most.

Your aim should be to stage manage your business, bringing in talent to perform. You want to be watching people do what you used to do, even better than you did.

The only reason you should fear delegation or other people being better than you is if you don’t believe you will have progressed to another level yourself. The only fear is the fear of the unknown. You should be happy to bring in more talented people because this makes your team stronger.

There are going to be times early in the delegation process when clients may say, ‘I want to work with you personally’. That’s okay. It’s up to you to have systems in place to inform people that – while you are still available for a conversation – working directly with you is no longer possible.

This is part of the natural growth of a business.

It’s important to plan for this and then stick to the plan, otherwise you will never be able to break away from performing the lower hourly rate work.

If the team is clicking you must be extremely careful about who you add. Don’t mess with the chemistry of the team. You can bring in somebody who is awesome and it might give an immediate bump, but if they are not in alignment with the people you already have, over time what will happen to your team?

If you’re bringing in somebody who might be just a little left of centre, if you can see and understand with a calculated approach that they will add to you delivering on your purpose, that’s okay.

But if you’re bringing in somebody who is going to challenge your core values, that’s a problem. Somebody who might rattle the cage a little is okay. Somebody who is going to turn everything on its head is not.

There’s no such thing as a business that can’t grow – there’s just a business owner who has run out of dreams.

Power to you!

Stefan Kazakis


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