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Stefan Kazakis on 17 April 2017

All month we have been considering the importance of building a scaleable business.  

We have learnt that all areas of our business are important, from vision to team, documented processes to good cashflow.

This week we are going to talk about the glue that holds all of these areas together - discipline and determination. These two have to be a part of your DNA; and most importantly the DNA of your team.  Everyone, from the top down, needs to have an attitude of doing whatever it takes.

People naturally gravitate towards doing things they love or enjoy, but sometimes in business you need to get your hands dirty and learn things and do things that may not float your boat. Hey, that’s why it’s called work right? You can’t just have the road map; the rubber has to hit the road at some point for you to get anywhere.

When you have created a strategic plan to build a scaleable business, you are clear about your target market and why they should choose you. You have to be confident in your plan and then push through.

Sometimes it’s two steps backwards to go four steps forward, and that’s okay. This stuff can be hard, building systems and processes that are scaleable is not easy.  But it’s your responsibility to create and build the business with clarity. As the business leader it’s up to you to – LEAD! If you’re not leading, nobody is following. You don’t have to be the best at everything or do everything yourself, but you do need to set the example for everybody in your business to follow.  

Ask yourself this long weekend ... what example are you setting? 

Do you see the choke points before they happen, not the day before but weeks or months before? It’s your responsibility to solve the problem, to do the things you are good at and let others do the things they are good at.

Building a team that do well, led by a business owner who shows determination and desire will result in everyone achieving the common goal. 

It’s all about accountability being part of the DNA of your business. It’s about a focus on doing the little things well.  To build a scaleable business you have to keep growing your strengths and building on your weaknesses and get something to show for each day in accordance with your plan.

Ask yourself this long weekend .... what example are you setting?

Remember to take some time out to enjoy with your loved ones - remembering to eat a little chocolate on Sunday too!


Power to you! 


Stefan Kazakis is the Principal of Business Benchmark Group and has spent more than two decades at the forefront of business and enterprise.

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