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Stefan Kazakis on 1 July 2017

This week saw the end of the financial year and the culmination of our theme for the month, how to be the business owner rather than the business operator.  

We were joined by our guest speaker Trav Bell, The Bucket List Guy, who shared the highs and lows of his journey from operator to owner asking the room “do we work to live, or do we live to work”.  His speech had everyone reflecting on their own personal journey with Trav adding “that when the why is strong enough, we can work things out”.
SK and Chris Sacco from Marcus2

We also heard from Chris Sacco of KLC Recruitment who after 25 years working in human resources and recruitment industry, started KLC Recruitment in 2009.  Chris is a laser focussed and tenacious business owner who joined our community in February 2016.

On Wednesday, Chris
 shared how keeping the fire in her belly for what she loves to do has meant that as her team has grown her ability to delegate has also grown enabling her to concentrate on doing what she loves – securing new business.

During Brain Stretch I asked for a show of hands .... who has done better than last year?  Who has left opportunity on the table?  Who doesn’t want to get this year off to a better start?

When I asked these questions the show of hands for each question grew as I asked each one.  Everyone, if they are honest, has left opportunity on the table and everyone wants to get this year off to a great start. But how do you do that?

Happy New Financial Year 2017/18

So, the theme for July is going to be ‘take a breath’.  At a time in the future when you stop, take a breath, and look back at what you have achieved and where your organisation has ended up, there are two possible outcomes.  

You may be looking back on a business that has grown and developed just as you planned. It’s exactly what you saw and prepared for, it’s exactly what you had an ambition for, and you can see the role that you have played in it.  The alternative is you look back and think, ‘wow … what a wasted opportunity … I know I worked hard, I know I was disciplined, I know I turned up every day, but what I have to show for it is nowhere near good enough’.

The second outcome is the one everybody tries desperately to avoid, but this is still where many business leaders end up.  What can you do to ensure that when you look back in two, five, ten years' time you are say, ‘Hey, look what happened!’ … rather than, ‘What on earth happened’!

Power to you this week.



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