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Stefan Kazakis on 13 October 2018

I've discussed how hiring people is a numbers game, how to always be on the lookout for A-Grade employees and, last week, how to recruit 24/7/265

In continuing the theme, I want to discuss how to attract the right people to your business. 

It’s critical to be attracting, hiring and recruiting people who will become Productivity Diamonds. 

This is one of the hardest things to get right in business. 

It is how the minority separates themselves from the pack. When it comes to successfully scouting 24/7/365 you need to be selling the future vision for your organisation. 

Last time you went to recruit somebody, did you get a high number of applicants? Did you get a high number of A-graders? 

As a reference point, the initial pool of people must be at least 50. That may surprise you. However, you don’t need to interview 50 people, you need to have attracted 50 high-quality applicants to find the right person. 

Your ability to sell vision and purpose attracts the right people. If you’re not getting this many high-quality applicants, you are not selling your business well enough. 

Of course, money helps to motivate people to join your organisation, but great people want to belong to something that is inspiring and that is going somewhere. 

For the A-graders you are seeking, money is the third reason they will join your business. 

Their priorities will be as follows: 

First, they want to belong to something that is going somewhere. 

Second, they want to feel they can contribute and be acknowledged for that contribution. 

Money is third. 

This is a great way to eliminate potential team members. If salary is their number one motivation, you can be assured that they are not A-grade talent. 

A-grade talent knows that if they work in a job that means something to them, in an organisation that is going places, the money will follow. 

An A-grader wants to be reasonably paid (don’t we all?), but it won’t be their prime motivation. 

 Power to you!


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