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Stefan Kazakis on 16 June 2018

Over the past few weeks, we've been exploring the importance of identifying and understanding your ideal target market. 

This week, I'd like you to explore how you position your business. Positioning is the foundation on which everything rests - you get this right and you have more than half a chance of getting everything else right.

Take the time to ask yourself these questions in relation to your business:

  • If I’m going to be strategic about growing my business or my position for the long term, what is it ultimately that I need this business to be known for?
  • How will the external world view my business?
  • Who, ultimately, am I positioning for?
  • Who do I want to attract to my business?
  • How much clarity do I have about my target market?
  • Who are my customers (my strategic partners)?
  • What is our pricing model?
  • How are we positioning the business to help the market understand that we deliver extreme value?
  • What is our extreme solution to their problem?
  • Who are we competing against?
  • Have we done our competitor analysis?
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses?
  • What are our opportunities and their threats?
  • What ultimately makes us unique?
  • How are we setting our business up to be viewed by the outside world?
  • In a world that’s becoming smaller and smaller, and combining the high tech with the traditional, what makes us unique in our industry?
  • How are we building our unique selling position and combining this with our emotional selling proposition, and ultimately building a tribe or customer-selling proposition?
  • How are we setting up our operations to deliver on our position and build a team to champion that position, and then build profits from that position?
  • And then, how do we market and communicate with consistency our position in the market?

Leverage your existing clients. Ask questions & get on-the-record testimonials

If you’re having trouble finding clarity around your positioning, you have a great resource at your disposal: your existing clients!

Speak to the people you have already served. Ask them:

  • Why did they came to you in the first place?
  • What needs did you meet for them?
  • Did they get what they expected from you?
  • Was there anything missing?

While you’re at it, get some on-the-record testimonials from your most delighted clients. This will provide what is known as tribal proof (or social proof) for your business. 

Taking credit is something we all need to get better at. Delighted customers become advocates and raving fans. They have tested your business and said, ‘Yes it’s real. It’s authentic. It is amazing.’ Take time to celebrate with your clients. Get the taste of success – this will help motivate you for the next level of success.

A few tips to gain valuable feedback from your clients

Here's some advice to help your business communicate with, and get valuable feedback from, your clients.


  1. Show up when needed, not just when you’re paid to do so. Sometimes you have to go a little bit above and beyond for your customers.
  2. Be committed. It has to be part of your DNA to get constant feedback. You can’t just surprise customers out of the blue and ask them what they think.
  3. Monitor your progress in relation to your score board. It’s great to get feedback but you need a reference point. You need to be able to see progress.
  4. Get 360-degree feedback. Sometimes you need to hire third-party specialists to get feedback on your behalf.

Be open, and committed to, receiving feedback. This is not a process you do once in a blue moon - do it all the time, in a deliberate and organised fashion - and you will be rewarded with clarity about how to position your business - and gain feedback and support from your most loyal clients. 

Power to you!


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