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Stefan Kazakis on 6 May 2017

I am going to touch on three different ways you can make decisions in your business and the three phases of building a business.

Decision-making Modes

You can stay stuck in the past – spending time thinking about the way things were, the ‘good old days’, and trying to get back there, regardless of what your current situation is. This is the nostalgia mode, and this is not a path to productivity and growth.

Where you need to be is the productive mode. The power is in the present and the time is always now. If you are in this mode, the present influences 80% of what you are doing, and the future is 15% because you have the goal. The past has a 5% influence, because it influences your trends and analysis. This is where the diamond is!

You can also be in dream mode. It’s okay to visit dream mode sometimes. This is where you can find inspiration and new ideas, but your decisions must always be made in ‘now’ mode. Whatever you are doing now was decided in the past when you were in dream mode, but you must be in now mode to execute. If you spend every day in dream mode and forget about now mode, you’re in trouble.

Three Phases of Business 

There are also three phases when you are building and on a journey. There is the first phase – moving away – when you are moving away from things as a goal. The second phase is the moving towards phase. This is when you have the confidence and stability to be moving towards things with conviction. The third phase is the contributing and giving back phase. This might be employing 1,000 people and supplying 10,000 happy customers. (How good would that be for your business?)

There is one major speed bump in this process that you must be aware of. People often get to the point where things become self-fulfilling and the results are starting to show up and they think they are ready, but actually it’s still not time to get into the next stage. Due to their excitement, people often move on too early and kill the golden goose because it wasn’t ready.

Brainstorming is critical when it comes to future-proofing your business. You must be getting input from everybody in your organisation, from top to bottom. Brainstorming in a safe environment allows new and sometimes unexpected ideas to emerge. It also gives you input from everybody in your organisation, and allows your team to feel involved in what the business is doing and where it is going. It’s not about handing decisions down from the top – it’s about everybody working together to achieve an outcome.

Brutal truth will set you free. All your problems today started out as a great idea, right?

You must have the ability to be brutally honest: is this what you really want to be doing? Keep answering that question at least every 12 months – it is critical. It can be tough, but it’s better than not asking that question and you wake up one day and you are burnt out.

You must be honest with yourself. Don’t just focus on getting the ship right. Focus on the opportunity. Future-proof the business.

So, what have you fixed and sorted so that you can now start working on the next phase, whatever it is? You need to be walking that walk right now. You need to know what it looks like in the future and you need to execute today to get there. You need to constantly be curious. You must be sure that you keep yourself safe from distraction.

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