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Stefan Kazakis on 17 August 2019

How do you deliver feedback?

We all understand the value of an A grade team, but how do we help someone go from being B grade to A grade? And how do you get more from your A graders?

The answer is feedback!

As a business strategist to many business owners and their teams I get to witness and eventually work with business owners and leaders on the importance of communication and the ability to provide assertive feedback.

Feedback must be based on observed facts about behaviour in order to prevent people taking the message personally and becoming resistant. It must never be about them as people.

Go hard on the issue, soft on the person

Once the feedback has been given you should listen to what the person has to say before asking him or her what they think a more appropriate action might be, or suggesting one yourself.

Here are some guidelines to providing feedback to people in your team:

  • Always have a positive intention
  • Give feedback on behaviours not people
  • Give feedback at the time
  • Use specific examples
  • Only use first person examples, not third person examples and second-hand opinions
  • Be consistent and accurate and never contradictory

Congruency ensures that as you give feedback you should take the learnings from those that provide it to you.

Remember, always be constructive!

The purpose of feedback is to motivate your team and to help them to continuously improve their performance. Remember too that feedback may be used to reinforce a behaviour that is considered to be positive as well as to change a behaviour that is considered to be negative.

As the leader you have a responsibility to create an environment within your team where giving and receiving constructive feedback is considered the norm.

Healthy effective teams regularly exchange feedback between all team members. 

So, are you providing valuable feedback?

Power to you this week!

Stefan Kazakis
CEO, Business Benchmark Group



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