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Stefan Kazakis on 2 April 2015

At the Board of Directors 12 Melbourne Business Coaching Program, I often ask my audience:

Does your team have the traits of a winning team?

Every team, whether it be a sports team at the top of their league, a company of professionals or a small business, feature one key ingredient that ensures they remain at the top of their podium or industry marketplace. This feature is a strong team dynamic.

Teams at the top of their game do not achieve their accomplishments out of sheer luck. They maintain this winning streak due to the efforts of each individual contributing to an overall objective.

How can you build a great team? In addition to the business advice below, the Board of Directors 12 business coaching program will provide you with techniques and strategies to build and lead your team.

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Every team needs a strong leader

female business leaderLeaders take responsibility for the end result, delegating team member’s tasks that compliment their skill set. They resolve problems that arise and keep autonomy in each team member’s specific role, but they also step in to pull all aspects of a project or shared goal together.

A strong leader will also reflect on the success or failures of any project or team focused goal. They will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each endeavour, to benefit the team's continued growth, learning and achievement.

Share individual resources across the team

Great teams share all resources that are available to help other members of the team achieve what is required. Ideas, materials and suggestions can all be shared to serve the greater good and if team members are holding resources back progress will be impeded.

It’s also important to ensure that all resources, whether they are a team member or a specific type of technology, are being used appropriately. No resource should be getting stretched beyond their capacity due to other team members reliance on it.

Faultless communication

The tone for seamless communication within any team dynamic is a result of a leader’s approachability. They need to set the tone in terms of organization, efficiency, scheduling and project updates.

In a thriving team everyone will know what the next obstacle, sub-goal or task to complete will be and what they as an individual need to do next to contribute to completing a project or achieving a goal. This independent awareness is a result of all members of the team being consistently kept in the loop.

Set achievable objectives

To ensure you have an effective team dynamic, quantifiable goals are essential. All team members need to know how their specific role contributes to achieving the final result.

business partners communicatingSimply presenting team members with vague instructions of what is required, but neglecting to be clear, concise and offer measurable goals, will set your team up to fail. Every individual should knows exactly what needs to be done. Set achievable objectives and reasonable expectations for all team members’ individual contributions.

Remember, only when all members of your team are progressing in the same direction will you reach the same destination!

Learn to lead your team

These techniques are essential to achieving real business success. As a Melbourne business advisor and a business mentor, I have seen these team building and leading techniques completely change the fortunes of many Melbourne businesses. 

At the Board of Directors 12 business coaching program every small business can achieve big business success!

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