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Stefan Kazakis on 16 April 2015

Guide to Webinars: Embrace Low Cost Education Solutions

As the CEO of Business Benchmark Group, at every Board of Directors 12 Melbourne Business coaching program one of the key questions that I ask all members of each program is:

How often do you seek new knowledge to better your small business?

watching webinarOne affordable source to grow your business acumen and learn new skills is webinars.

Once you find webinars that work for you and will benefit your business, due to the informative content that you receive from each webinar. Continue to actively seek similar webinars that feature topics and learning that is relevant to your business and your growth as a business owner.

Still not sold on how beneficial webinars will be to you?

 5 reasons why you should be watching more webinars


Webinars are available 24 / 7 and provide a learning experience that is also generally archived incase you can’t view it live. Webinars are also readily available to view in your office, at home and even from your smart phone. As long as you have Internet access you can tune in!


Webinars are one of the most affordable forms of learning on offer, many are free and others are available at a minimal cost. If you compare it to travelling to a conference, seminar or purchasing a product to be read or viewed once it arrives in your mailbox; webinars are one of the most cost effective forms of learning.


Webinars provide you with the opportunity to connect and engage with the speaker and the other participants who are interacting within the webinar environment. While a webinar may not provide face-to-face interaction as such, the personality of the speaker and individuals contributing to the group learning dynamic is still strong.

Learning Expansion

Sometimes when we attend a conference or choose to undertake continued learning there are so many clashes with lectures or sessions that its impossible to view all that is on offer. Webinars fill the gaps, you can learn about multiple subjects from technology through to business management and in just over an hour you can be introduced to various ideas, strategies and systems and start actioning them immediately!


As a speaker to your team, your senior management or clients, you will also learn a lot from the way the speaker hosting the webinar communicates. From experiencing a webinar, learning from the culture and dynamic of the webinar and the presenter, you will become a better speaker yourself!

When is your next webinar?

Are you maximising the business tools and advice available to you? If you are not, then you could be letting business opportunities pass you by.

That's why small business mentoring and coaching is so critical. 

Our business coaching programs specialise in small business advice in Melbourne and Victoria. We help you find cutting edge business tools, provide expert business advice and execute your business plan.

 All you need to do is work smarter, and that means seeking out the best business advice, tools and mentors.

Are you ready? Call me on 1300-673-792 and let's talk about your business.

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