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Stefan Kazakis on 9 June 2018

Over the past few weeks I've been emphasizing the importance of identifying your ideal target market and knowing exactly who they are so you can best serve them. 

So once you've identified your ideal target market, marketed to them and you're now generating leads... now what?

You need to make sure you capitalise on every lead you generate with an Extreme Follow-up Process (EFU). An extreme follow-up process is making it non-negotiable that every single lead you generate is followed up, promptly and thoroughly.

Every one. 

You can’t go out of your way to create opportunities and then go to sleep when the leads come in.

You need to be non-negotiable and demanding about following up current and future clients. You need to ensure that you are playing at your optimum best here. If your marketing, sales, customer retention and fulfilment strategies are not approached with extreme follow up, they will simply be expenses for your business and they will kill you. 

I know a lot of people hate the ‘sales side of things’. But let me give you the brutal truth: there is no ‘sales side of things’. Sales is an integral part of any business; it’s not optional. It’s not something you can take or leave. If you are worried about being ‘salesy’, what on earth are you doing in business? You are trying to sell stuff, aren’t you? 

I’m sure you didn’t invest $300,000 of your own money so you could sit around in an empty store or quiet office because you didn’t want to bother anybody. Let me define a business for you: it sells stuff and makes a profit. 

That’s it. Selling. 

If you think you are too quiet or too shy or don’t have the ‘right personality’ to sell, you’re completely and utterly wrong. You don’t need to be as smart as Bill Gates or as charming as Hugh Jackman to be a great salesperson. Like anything in business this is something you can learn. This is something you must learn. 

The other thing that holds people back is thinking they are a nuisance when they try to sell to people. That’s just head trash. You have a great product or service. You know who needs it. You know why they need it. You know where they are. You can take them from frustration to freedom. How are you being a nuisance? 

If you sell the latest hip, rad, trendy skateboard outfits and you knock on the door of an old folks home, that’s certainly being a nuisance, but that’s not what you’re doing, is it? You’re going to approach your carefully defined target market with confidence and clarity. 

The extreme follow-up process is a building block. It creates leverage. It’s imperative that you don’t have staff who are reluctant to contact people who say ‘maybe’. You may be a small team but you can run a big business if you know who you are and what you do and everybody is on board. How can you not have a go? How can you not follow up in accordance with your culture and plans? 

Follow up today. Not tomorrow, not next week. Today

Continue to show your clients you care and continue doing the right thing. If it’s not okay they will tell you: they will go elsewhere. If you are watching your scoreboard you will know if it’s working or not. 

The extreme follow-up process is critical for making a profit. Your biggest result is to get money in via operating cashflow. You need to be in the business of making and growing money. At the end of the day we are all brothers and sisters in small business to something called profit; we’ve just chosen different ways to get there.

I coach business owners. Maybe you’re a plumber or an accountant or a builder or a lawyer. It doesn’t matter; in the end we’re all in it for the same thing. 

 If you do a great job creating an enquiry you must do a better job converting that enquiry into a customer. 

They need you! How can you not follow up?!

Power to you!


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