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Stefan Kazakis on 22 April 2017

Last week saw the culmination of our theme for the month, scaleability.  

We were joined by our guest speaker Joe Carbone who shared that one of the secrets of his career has been that he has always focused on creating a relationship with the product, the consumer experience; be that chocolate whilst at Koko Black, hospital services whilst heading up the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear hospital or asking how the local community were best served when leading Manningham City Council.

We also learnt just how fast a business can grow when determination and discipline are applied in bucketfuls from our Champion in Business, Tom Harley of Aussie Plumbing & Gutters. Tom revealed that he created his sales process after attending just one Board of Directors 12 session and then expanded it over time, turning a one pager into 10 pages that every member of his team understands and works through.  This has ensured that his pipeline is full of qualified ideal target market leads. 

We are often asked about our M500 events .... just what is involved and why we hold these events. 

The event we hold today has evolved over the past 2 1/2 years and delivers the following benefits to our clients and their guests:

Community: one of the biggest challenges of running a small business is the loneliness of being at the top and constantly wondering "is it just me, is this normal?". The power of being a part of a growing group of like-minded individuals cannot be underestimated.

Professional network: it's an exclusive community which provides an excellent opportunity to grow your professional network, as well as actively practice your networking skills.

Education: we all know that education is key to small business success.  Each event has an educational component that is in addition to what we provide our clients. Every event provides valuable learnings for all attendees. 

Inspiration and motivation: we all know that running a small business is challenging and M500 provides a monthly oasis where small business owners can be inspired and motivated to keep improving.

So how do you get invited to this event?  Firstly if you are a client you have a VIP pass to every event - just talk to your coach and they will book you a seat.  For non clients, you must have an annual turnover of $1 million+ and be in growth mode.  If that's you reach out, tell us why you want to be invited and we will do the rest. 

As Joe Carbone shared this week, being a business owner is a lonely gig.  So why not step outside your workspace in May, come and meet some other like minded business owners.  Check your inbox early next week for your invitation.

And remember, it's always Day One ... remain the hunter!

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