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Stefan Kazakis on 21 March 2020

Coronavirus and Business: Staying Focused and In Control

The world is still experiencing unprecedented times – so following up from last week – I wanted to discuss control and focus as it relates to the coronavirus crisis!

It’s very easy to be consumed with everything we are seeing and hearing across social media, our tv screens and in our daily conversations, but you must source information you can trust.

Be very considerate as to what conversations you are having, remember that you always have total control over what conversations you’re participating in.

This will eventually end; Winter will come and go, as will Spring and before you know it, Christmas 2020 will be here!  We will get through this and business will continue. While these are challenging times, you mustn’t let your head trash get in the way of achieving what you set out to do or become the crystal ball gazing champion predicting gloom!

There are many ways you can shift your focus right now – as a starting point here are 10 that I personally have used, given to me by my mentor, post the late 1990’s economic crash:

 My Post 25


 Whilst we’ve never experienced conditions quite like this before, there are always ways to prepare, and always opportunities to be found, to help your business grow – yes, even in these circumstances.

In fact, some businesses and industries will thrive, while others are needing to pivot given the situation almost every day. One thing is for sure: The catalyst for this downturn is different, but the outcome will be the same, it will go up again – guaranteed!

So, my question to you is:

How could you be doing business on another level? How do you offer collaboration in an isolation environment?

You need to be totally focused on what’s important and what you can control.

Even in a troublesome industry, you must navigate your business to optimise the situation. It is essential that business continues throughout this period.

There is always business to do – you may just need to sit down and work out what you can tweak in your business right now to ensure you still have sales coming through the door!

Now is not the time to believe the story in your head – the story that says your business will never be like it was. Now is the time to focus on what you need to do so that business continues, and you remain in control.

As just one example: What can you do right now that is a service at home? People are in their homes more now than ever before and guaranteed to spend way more time there for a while (fact).

You must be proactive and communicate with your customers. You need to show them that you care; that you have a well thought out plan to ensure their safety, so they are confident that now is the time to be doing business with you.

Showcase to your clients that you are doing everything at a higher level than ever before. There is always work to do, you just need to be flexible to adapt to the circumstances.

For example: How can you create a virtual or non-contactable experience or process (that includes benchmark health and safety protocols) to ensure there is social distancing?

 Interruption of your 2020 Plan

Whatever plans and budgets you had for 2020, these will now be altered. It’s like packing sunscreen for your tropical holiday in Hawaii, and when you arrive in Hawaii, you learn there is a category 5 cyclone coming your way!

Would you then still go and lay by the pool and lather sunscreen on? No. You adapt and you deal with the circumstances as it relates to the environment – this is no different to that.

Right now – more than ever – we are going to need to explore other pathways to do business, we are going to have to utilise technology and be flexible as to how we operate.

We are learning things we may not have known before. From those learnings comes opportunities, to progress our businesses. Whenever there is a threat, there will also be opportunity. Many opportunities will arise from this situation.


Your workplace isolation strategy

As businesses we must have our workplace isolation strategy prepared and communicated.

What strategies can you put in place to prevent your business being shut down due to 14-day isolation?

How can you continue to work collaboratively and productively?

If you work in an office, you should be stress-testing whether working from home will work for your business. You need to know what resources you still need to make it happen. You need to already have strategies in place to keep communication and collaboration high within your team.

If you’re able to help employees work from home, you can ensure that if one employee gets sick, the whole team doesn’t go down.

Once you have a clear and concise plan, you must communicate this with your team and clients.

Your clients need to know that you are taking precautions to keep them safe.

Some useful links for business owners during this time:

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Eventually, this will pass. The business owners who will weather the storm the best, and perhaps even be in a stronger position than before, are those who optimised their opportunities and focused their effort and energy on everything they could control.

In true Darwinism – it’s the most adaptable that will survive.

Power to you!  
Stefan Kazakis 

CEO, Business Benchmark Group

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