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Stefan Kazakis on 28 April 2018

Small, nimble, smart, hard-working businesses can produce huge results if they get their operations right, collaborate and make the most of their resources.

Collaboration is all about rallying the resources and outcomes in the same direction. It’s about getting everybody (including you) working at their most productive, rather than getting everybody simply doing more. It’s about figuring out, in an outcome-based way, who should be doing what.

Multi-tasking and multi-skilling might have been required when you were first starting your business, but this is not the path to the next level, and the level after that.

Tighten your operations up so that too much is not left to too few. To do this, you must be conscious of what’s going on in your business and where the gaps are.

Ensure you build a team working to their strengths in alignment with the plan. (It’s always about the plan!) However, sometimes it might be wiser to collaborate with people external to your organisation. There is exceptional talent out there so take advantage of it!

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