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Stefan Kazakis on 8 June 2015

Are You Holding Yourself to Account?

When conducting the Board of Directors 12 Melbourne Business Coaching Program, I often ask my members:

Do your goals take flight only days after you have set them?

But whether these plans evolve into a reality, or suffer from failure to launch, is not because these plans are impossible to achieve. It is largely due to our failure to self-manage ourselves as small business owner’s. That means holding yourself to account.

This is why strategic planning takes much more energy than simply writing down your goals.

The essential elements to remember when implementing prospective plans are execution, measurement and fine-tuning of any cracks that arise along the way. Yet it is within this fine-tuning phase that many of our plans fail. This is due to our decisions to begin tinkering with new ways of achieving our business goals and not keeping consistent with the plan. This will ultimately result in a failure to successfully execute our business goals.

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Keeping yourself, and your team, accountable

business coach and business ownerThe other main obstacle that tends to lead to a failure to implement business plans is a lack of accountability from both the business owner and the team. Sometimes being your own boss has its pitfalls and one of these is this failure to self-manage and take full accountability for all elements within your business.

This is why the businesses that are most likely to achieve their goals are the ones that have business partners or outside influences such as a business coach to act as a support accountability mechanism.

While for many business owners writing down your goals at the beginning of the year and having them visible in your office can be a frustrating process, as it constantly reminds you that you need to lift your game to achieve these goals.

Here are six key tips to keep in mind when working towards successfully achieving your goals:

  • The ability to think ahead and plan is how progress begins.
  • The blueprint to achieving success is planning our business goals.
  • Successful execution of all plans is what will achieve small business growth.
  • Plans need to be measurable. If we can’t measure progress or failures, then our business will not benefit from planning in the long term.
  • Correcting and altering our path towards success and reaching a goal is beneficial if it is simple fine-tuning. If it’s a revamp of our entire strategy, then that indicates that the plan has been a failure.
  • Without accountability, a plan or goal has no way to ensure it succeeds.

Be accountable wit a business coach

Ask yourself, 'who is keeping me to sticking and achieving my goals?'

Be honest. If you can't think of anyone, then it's time for a change. Thankfully, a buisness coach can help you. A business coach will make sure that you are planning your goals ccorrectly, and most improtatnly, that you are sticking to your plans. No excuses! A good business coach will make sure that you, and you small or medium business, are in good shape.

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