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Stefan Kazakis on 10 August 2015

Business Advice on Getting Hungry for Success 

As the CEO of Business Benchmark Group, at every Board of Directors 12 Melbourne Business Coaching Program one of the key questions that I ask all members is:

Do you have the hunger for small business success?

Warren Buffet, one of the worlds most successful and wealthiest investors states that:

“It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results”

This is one statement that I firmly agree with; in fact the more we simplify business by creating processes such as following a plan and knowing the critical numbers (key performance indicators). The easier making money in business will become. This is both a non-emotive and logical approach to achieving business success.

Do you need the fire put back into your small business? Are you looking for Small Business Coaching in Melbourne? Our Board of Directors 12 business coaching program is Melbourne's premier advisory and mentoring event. Find out how to get great results for your small business.

Drive Your Small or Medium Business to Success

business woman smilingWe all know that most successful entrepreneurs are generally motivated by strong passion and an unrelenting drive to succeed. Yet it’s this unrelenting drive that allows them to accept the hard truths about their business. For instance if the numbers show that the business is lagging, rather than floundering they will strive to locate the root of the problem, by accepting total responsibility for the current situation and secondly by holding themselves accountable for changing the outcome.

This combination is the most effective way to make money in business and multiple case studies of successful companies and entrepreneur’s journeys from frustration to success, have demonstrated that these elements are present.

For many Melbourne business owners however, objectively creating logical structures and implementing strategies that will create change is a difficult task. In the moment when a small business owner decides that it is time to make significant changes, they will often invite the guidance of outside sources such as a business coach. A business coach and business coaching program will help grow stronger foundations and be a driver for fuelling your passion and encouraging a desire to succeed. 

As a high powered Melbourne Business coaching program, Board of Directors 12 fuels Melbourne small business' drives to succeed. Here are some of the common tips to help keep the fire and energy when managing your small business. 

Boost your small business: Top tips our business coaching programs

  • Be engaged with and inspired by your plan and journey to grow your money and cash flow, you must be prepared to consistently give 120%.
  • Always take ownership of your situation and accept the brutal truths about your situation both good and bad, you are the driver of change.
  • Be accountable for all outcomes achieved and not achieved and responsible for all results, by taking appropriate action and communicating all messages with clarity.

Remember when implementing significant changes into your business, make sure you have the clarity and commitment to ensure all changers are beneficial to your business, after all you don’t have to be a genius to succeed, you just need the hunger to succeed!

At Board of Directors 12 every Melbourne small business can achieve big business success!

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