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Stefan Kazakis on 4 June 2015

Conquering your fear of failure

I have seen first hand the limiting affects that a fear can have on a business and its owner. In my role as a business mentor, it continues to astound me how many people with great ideas are stuck in a ‘fear of failure'.

So here’s a question:

What would you do if you couldn't fail?

How much further with your goals and aspirations would you be? What if all you did was strategically invest the time to confirm what your worst outcome would be? And the empowerment of this clarity confirmed for you to put wind in your sails and get going?

In my opinion, the greatest challenge for people is that they’re making decisions based on their current ‘bank account’ for something in the future based on their past thinking.

Shake off your fears, and start the sprint to business success with a small and medium business mentor. Right here in Melbourne, there are plenty of other small and medium business owners just like you who have conquered fear and seen their business grow. Find out more about finding a small or medium business mentor.

Change the way you think about your business

Most people use the small strategic thinking to play a bigger game. Sometimes it’s the stuff you don’t know, or haven’t prepared for, that will create the fear of failure. This fear leads to slow progress towards your business goals.

We all need an education and growth mindset.  Motivation by itself is not enough to ensure the prosperity of your business -- you also need to be educated.

You and your staff need to learn the fundamentals of running a business. For example, you may need to move from being a plumber to being somebody who is running a plumbing business, from an accountant to somebody who is running an accounting practice or from an editor to somebody who is running a publishing business.

Your expertise in your field is most likely what got you started. Now you need to move above and beyond this if you want to achieve long-term success and growth.

Know what you don't know

The reason many people are happy to stay in mediocrity is they don’t know what they don’t know.

As a business mentor I have seen many business owners who think they’ve reached their full potential. But in many cases they don’t know what else is out there. They don’t know that abundant opportunities are just around the corner.

But the real problem comes when people learn what they could  be doing, and yet still do nothing about it. This is known as conscious incompetence. If you choose to do nothing at this point your small or medium business will miss the opportunity to grow.

The more educated you are, the more motivated you will be to get great results and the more you will have the capacity to do that. If you have become more skilled and more knowledgeable you will be able to see the path ahead, and this provides its own motivation. This becomes a cycle of positive reinforcement that leads to even better results.

Education breaks glass ceilings 

When you hit a glass ceiling this indicates a need for more education. When you reach a point of frustration and you truly want to grow but you don’t know how, it’s time for more learning. This could from business meetups, coaching groups and events or getting a business mentor. Whatever stage you are at, there is always more to learn.

You will never ‘make it’. The moment you think you have ‘made it’ is the moment you and your business start going backwards.

I have more to learn. We all do.

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