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Stefan Kazakis on 14 May 2015

Leadership as Strong as Diamonds 

When treasurer Joe Hockey handed down his first budget he warned that all Australians, including SMEs, must “face facts”.

“I say to the business community we need you to help out,” Hockey said.

Isn’t it interesting that when you ask for help, albeit that in this instance small business doesn’t really have much choice, that everyone feels better about it – we feel united as a team. How do you feel when you are asked for your help?  How do you feel when you are told that this is the way it will be?

Strong Leadership Creates Success

leader meeting teamLet's explore how to get the most from your team with strong leadership.

If you are a business owner and business success is feeling a little elusive right now you might want to take a closer look at how the ship is being led. If you are the leader of your business and you are not leading, you can bet that no one is following. And one thing is certain, if change needs to be effected in the business; ultimately it is you, the leader, who is responsible for creating that change.

A good leader must firstly have the discipline to remain 100% accountable for their circumstances, to develop a mindset that doesn't sway from integrity and solid values, 100% passion for their vision and the drive to turn that vision into reality. The ultimate role of a leader is to grow resources and grow market presence.

Sound like you? Or does the scoreboard show that a little lift in the leadership stakes is in order. While I always underscore that the 'A grade' business leaders have an 'A grade' business strategist to help them in the leadership stakes, here are some business strategy growth tips I share with my clients that may give you some inspiration.

You don’t need to be the hardest worker in your business to lead by example. You just need to be the most strategic. Have a clear vision of where you are headed, what success looks like and the roads you are creating to get there. Clarity = Power. As a leader, you must know What, Why, How, Who, Where.

You need to know what your building looks like when it’s completed. Yes a business can actually be finished and completed at some point. Think of a house that began as someone’s dream then gets built, sold and renovated to accommodate a new dream or vision.

100% involvement and 100% inclusion is the key to change. How are you orchestrating your resources, do your people know where they are headed and what success is supposed to look like? What areas are under performing and what are you doing about them?  Are you 100% committed and involved?  Do you have the discipline to follow through?

Communication is the best change agent of them all. As a leader your communication is crucial to influencing a new result or change. What story are you telling? Is it inspiring for others, does it motivate 100% team involvement? Is the story being retold? The best change agent is the one that inspires the total sum of resources particularly people – inspiration can move a world in any direction.

business communicating partners

The development of strong leadership often requires external accountability to provide objectivity, extend the parameters, challenge the status quo and enforce ownership. The development of the leader can bring new thinking, fresh ideas and inspire innovation not just in yourself but also across the team.

So if business success is lagging look to yourself first as a primary catalyst for change and remember that the greater your inspiration, through your own business strategist and development, the greater the positive change you will ultimately be able to effect.

Sharpen your leadership

How can you become a diamond leader? By learning from others. There are plenty of motivated and disciplined business leaders all around Melbourne, and meeting them and hearing their experiences will benefit you.

Attending a business coaching event will sharpen your leadership skills. Hear from guest speakers and fellow business leaders, and learn from their experiences. It is a excellent investment of your time.

Find out more about Melbourne business coaching events here.

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